Sunday, March 09, 2008

Crazy Dreams....

Some dreams are not wishes made by our hearts.

Last night I had a dream that there were earthquakes in my area. I know, I really need to unsubscribe from that feed. You could actually 'see' the earthquake shaking on its way up the hill in my neighborhood. While DH was out grabbing people and shoving them into our front doorway (is that still what you're supposed to do??), I was standing in the doorway, clutching the baby. He was only a month or so old in my dream. The other things I was holding as if dear life depended upon their survival: Two Pampere Chef Stones. My rectangle cookie sheet, and the small rectangle pan, (fits inside a toaster oven). Why on EARTH I thought the world would end if those two fine cooking products smashed into smitherines I'll never know.

In reality, the one thing I'd grab in a fire, or any emergency, after the family of course, is my computer. I mean, of course I'd get the baby too. But the Pampered Chef Stoneware? I don't think that would even be near the top of my list, no matter how well they treat my cookies, because what good are yummy unburnt cookies when I can't eat them while visiting the internets. But the real reason I would bring the computer is because all of the baby's pics are on here. Unless my boss is reading, and then it's because I have work stuff on here.

What one possession would you bring with you if you had to evacuate?


Ashlee said..., pictures, pictures! All of my scrapbooks and pictures that I haven't gotten to yet. They are all nicely organized by month and date in several tupperwares. I need ALL of them. They are memories. I couldn't lose them. :0( I have weird dreams too, so don't feel bad. Did you read the story on my blog? That was a dream that I had. Yeah....I read books before I go to bed...they say you dream about what you were thinking about just before you fell asleep. I'm thinking that must be true.

Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...

My kids, of course. My computer of course. Oh and that folder that is shoved into the side of my bed that holds every important paper of ours (car titles, birth certs, etc)...yeah...been meaning to take that to a safe deposit box for a few years now. Need to get that done. :)

Seriously - whenever we have tornado warnings, I take that down to the basement with us. :)