Saturday, March 29, 2008

UFC Unleashed...

UFC GF: I was dying!

UFC Competitor: You're not going to die

UFC GF: I haven't slept in three days! I haven't eaten in like a week! I'm f***** delirious.

UFC Competitor: And you, and you don't know...

UFC GF: I don't know what's wrong in my brain!

UFC Competitor: Would you please, would you please eat something. Like cottage cheese or some cheetos or something.

I am not making fun of her feelings. I get that she's depressed and sad. But seriously, someone hasn't eaten "in like a week" and is "f****** delirious" and you tell them to eat CHEETOS? I get the cottage cheese. Good choice. It's got protien, good fats, calcium... But Cheetos? Processed corn slop with all the nutrients fried right out, covered in processed cheese powder? Yeah. I haven't eaten in like a week. Gimme some cheetos!


Vanessa said...

Well, it IS a UFC Competitor you are quoting. Maybe not the brightest bulb in the bunch?

Not the Momma said...

too many blows to the head