Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nablopomo is YEAR ROUND!

November is still the 'official' month for daily posting, but they now give you a monthly 'theme.' Does it get any better?

They have suggested that in March you posts a list every day. I won't be participating in the March one this month, but just you wait. The second I run out of things to say (I know, I know, hahahahahahaha), I'm going to post a list of something.

Todays to-do list.

1. Wipe snot out of Little Monster's nose.
2. RSVP, albeit a day late for Church Fellowship Dinner
3. Vacuum Little Monster's play room
4. Wipe snot out of Little Monster's nose.
5. Make Lunch
6. Empty Dishwasher.
7. Do Laundry
8. Wipe snot out of Little Monster's nose.
9. Finish no less than 3 ID Card design templates
10. Finish Thank you cards for Little Monster's Birthday Party. (It was in October. I'm doing great, huh?)
11. Get together all tax info so we can finally get ours filed
12. Pick up after dogs in backyard
13. Wipe Snot out of Little Monster's nose. (Are you seeing a trend here?)
14. Beat up dogs for barking ALL. DAY. LONG.
16. Wipe off yard sale shelves.
17. Unpack boxes in Guest Room
18. Set up Guest Room.
19. Wips snot out of Little Monstser's Nose.
20. Field daily stalker call for Brandy.

I'll stop here. You get the idea. Lists. They can be a good thing. Problem is, I usually create a list in my head, and then lose half of it in the wasteland that is mommy-brain. This morning, I went to get refill wipes for the baby's butt. On the way, I got distracted and did about 4 things upstairs, then came back down. Without the wipes. That list device would have been awesome today. Tomorrow, look for a description of that list device.. In list form, of course!

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Ashlee said...

I love lists! But then I hate them as well..because it just lets me know everything I DIDN't get done for the day. You know?