Sunday, June 08, 2008

While watching a Movie:

Number of times Not the Momma insisted "CALL THE COPS!" 30

Number of times Not the Momma got very angry at jerk husband: 60

Number of times Not the Momma got angry at woman for staying with jerk husband: 65

Number of times Not the Momma tried to stop the movie: 5

Number of times I cried during the movie: Once, maybe twice.

We watched the movie "Waitress" last night after I read about it on The Mom Crowd. It was a good movie, but Not the Momma really got upset a few time.. He just didn't understand why any woman would stay with such a jerk.

It was a good movie, but I may have to ban it in the household because of the gratuitous pie scenes. SO! MANY! PIES!

It didn't help me at all. All I wanted to do was make pie after the movie was over. Oh, that and hug my husband for not being a domineering controlling jerk. And hug my baby. Because he is ever so sweet.


Not the Momma said...

If it didn't have Nathan Fillion in it I believe not the momma might have walked out on the movie.

DC said...

I've heard really good things about that movie. I'll have to check it out. And I'd better have a pie on hand (you know, for the cravings). ;)

Ashlee said...

Oh...I want to see that movie! THanks for the heads up!

BTW...did you see that I am now #1 on your list? Oh yeah!

Colleen said...

Haven't seen that one yet.

Boys are dumb, aren't they? I've never forgiven my brother for ruining the end of Beaches for me. I knew what was going to happen, but I was all teary when he butted in to say something stupid and boy-like. Tears stopped. Was angry instead.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Pies. Good.

PLUS, something I can CRY during?!?!? I know what I'm watching next weekend ...


McKenzie said...

LOVED Waitress. Watch August Rush next. Ending may be a little cheesy, but a good hug-your-baby movie when you're done. Made me hug Nat a lot!

Amanda said...

Yeah, that movie was completely frustrating at times. I am just glad it ended. Otherwise I would have probably thrown it out the window. I certainly did give my baby girl a squeeze and thank you kiss to my husband.

Dang. Now I need to go make a pie now that I am thinking about the movie again. Maybe a Strawberry and Rhubarb Pie.