Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PrompTuesday #8

We are supposed to look at that picture (nice, huh? I thought it was pretty) and think of three words. Mine were: Lake (how incredibly original), Parents, and Waterski.

Genre: Memoir.

Rules: As always 10 minutes or less, 250 words, have fun, and don't forget to tell San Diego Momma about it when you're done. Got it. Oh yeah, and have fun.

We spent nearly every weekend of the summers at that lake with my parents. I miss it now, and wish I had spent more time enjoying it and less time whining.

We drove down to the lake in Kansas in my Dad’s big blue van. It was a full sized van with a middle bench seat, and in the back was a bed instead of seats. We used it for camping too. We’d load the van when everyone got home from school and work, hook up the boat, and head on out.

We’d spend hours waterskiing, swimming and just being kids. Even my parents were kids then. Sometimes I just close my eyes and try to remember everything about that place: Rope swinging into the lake. limestone rocks. Giant lightning bolt that landing in the front yard, scaring everyone until we giggled. Coming inside when it started raining, being cold from being rain-soaked, but not caring. the smell of dust, must, and sunscreen. sticking to the vinyl couch.

Sundays we’d pack everything back up and drive home. On the way home, we’d stop and get burgers in a small town at the local Dairy Queen-ish restaurant. We’d get hamburgers with condiments put on in the shape of a smiley face for dinner, and ice cream for the ride home. It was always a peanut butter cup mix-in.

When I was 14 I was bored by those weekends? Now I want go back and live in one of them? My, oh my, how time changes things.


San Diego Momma said...

I'd love one of those weekends. It's funny how we don't appreciate that kind of vacation until we're well into adulthood.

And...mmmmm. Peanut butter cup mix-ins...


Ashlee said...

I wish I could jump into that picture. It sounds heavenly!

Cheri said...

I could just feel the water, the gentle rocking of the boat, and the taste of a warm and greasy burger. Great piece!!

Joan said...

Weren't we horrible as kids? To not appreciate the freedom of summer, vacations, no work, youth?

I remember so many hours pretending to be bored, irritating my folks, grumbling. Inside, I'd secretly be enjoying myself.

Now, I do my best to make time to give my kids something interesting and different, keeping in mind how it can all go south quickly if I don't pick well. Sigh.

Thanks for taking me on a walk down memory lane!


Vanessa said...

These days I just wish for time doing anything but the daily grind. It's funny, our vacations were always going to NE to visit family, and now that I am an adult, my family does the same thing, but now I'm excited to get in the car and drive 6 hours and wish we could do it more often.

Vanessa said...

RIght now, I can't help but look at that picture and think, "Man, they could use that boat downtown." So very tired of water! And there is so much of it, that there is nowhere for it to go when it rains. Like it did yesterday/all night last night, big fat heavy rains. :(