Tuesday, June 03, 2008

PrompTuesday #7

As always, hosted by San Diego Momma .

Technical stuff you need to know:

Rules: 10 minutes or less, 250 words or less, no pressure. Have Fun!

This week's prompt: First sentence for your story: “Dear Diary,”
Setting: In a limousine
Two words you must include while writing:

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was the most amazing day. I cannot believe I'm married. Here I sit, in the limousine, on our way back to the apartment. The reception was such a blast! My husband (it feels weird to call him that) is slightly annoyed that I am writing now, but I had to get these words out while the memories are still fresh. There are a few things, I want to remember.

I want to remember the cork from the champagne toast, that took off like a missile, narrowly missing crazy Aunt Lena's glass eye. It hit her in the forehead, but she was already drunk and didn't mind. It's a good thing she was as far away as she was (about 3 tables away), or she may not have been so jovial about the whole thing.

I want to remember the fun we all had, dancing and singing. Watching my family members let go of their conservative selves for just one night. Dancing, drinking, and having a great time. We probably won’t ever see people dance like that again – mostly because we’ll never buy that much booze for that many people, but a good time was had anyway.

Mostly, I want to remember how he proposed. One year ago today, we went to San Fransisco. We were on a budget, so I was expecting a regular room, but I was in for a surprise. The room was gorgeous. It was a suite with a view of The City over the bay. When I opened the door, there was a path of rose petals leading to the fireplace. On the hearth, was a bottle of champagne and two glasses. In my glass, was the ring.

I'm dying laughing over here. That was toooootally cheesy. But, that's how I end up when I try to write fiction. It's also how you know that my posts are the truth! :) All of you NCLM newcomers, you should try out the whole PrompTuesday thing. It's been fun for me! (Oh, and I totally followed the rules this time. Well, except that I'm about 30 words over. But eh, I had to fit in 'hearth!')


Naomi said...

i'll admit this b/c I have no shame...i think it's sweet that you read those prompt words and came up with this sweet, romantic, albeit cheesy : ) story, while I read the words limo, missile and hearth and immediately thought porno. i'd take a go at the story myself, but my mom reads my blog and she's already mortified by me I don't need to make it worse!

debawriter said...

It's nice to read sweet (something I aspire to, but never quite do).

And the proposal? Lovely! I'd write about it too.


Ashlee said...

I think you did an awesome job! It was a cute story and you fit in those words perfectly!