Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Crappy Father's Day.

Yeah, I said it. This year will be known as the "Father's Day Flop." For Various reasons, listed below:

1. I thought Father's Day was next weekend, and had everything planned out so that we would celebrate Father's Day. NEXT weekend.

2. IHOP, Father's choice for breakfast. Booked. Solid. Second Choice was closed. We ate Apple Jacks.

3. Computer - his is crashed. Well, it has spent more time broken since we purchased it than it has running. Dell pretty much says. Sorry. You're screwed because it's a Vista problem, not a computer problem. May I have another?

4. Church - didn't happen. We tried. We got into the car. And then it began. Little Monster began screaming as though the car seat were some form of medieval torture as opposed to, oh, something to keep him safe. He screamed. And yelled. And gnashed teeth. And threw socks. Not the Momma used the phrase "I will stop the car." and then, he had to. We pulled into a parking lot and initiated toddler time out. In a parking lot. Little Monster screamed for a good 2 minutes. Then, he was put back into his car seat, where he sobbed until just before we got to church. Late. We decided we were there too late to go in -- especially for the traditional service, especially the first time we've been there. We'll be back next week.

5. Not the Momma spent the rest of the afternoon changing the oil in his truck, trying to fix his computer, and killing gophers.

Yeah. Father's Day? A flop. Oh, and to our Dad's: I thought Father's Day was NEXT weekend. And since we're due to visit NEXT weekend, I figured I'd hand deliver the cards. Yesterday I realized Father's Day was this weekend. I'm a bad daughter as well as a bad wife. Eh. Next year I'll do better, right?


Kellyann said...

My hubby went on a week long fishing trip on Saturday. My six year old was so upset all day that he couldn't spend father's Day with his dad that he cried several times and walked around with Daddy's special blanket all day.

Ashlee said...

Oh no Mary! That totally sounds like something I might do. Holy cow! And I don't blame you for bailing on church. Walking in late gives me hives. :0)

Vanessa said...

At least Daddy was there. Little Man's daddy was gone all last week fighting the crazy flood in Waterloo, and left early yesterday to fight the flood in Quincy, time there to be determined. Yay! And, I have the flu/food poisoning. Yay, fun with a sad little one year old. So at least daddy got to be with little monster. And heck, go to IHOP next weekend, does it REALLY matter what day Fathers day is celebrated anyway?

Anonymous said...

this is one of those days where you have to look back and laugh. but totally crappy at the time!

christina(apronstrings) said...

ohno! well, you live and you learn. don't be so hard on yourself, you are a bit busy with a little one. i am sure your fathers will understand.they have been there.

Vanessa said...

Oh, and Vista? No thank you. If I have to buy a new computer, and it has to have vista on it, I will either a, wipe and reinstall xp, or b, go linux. Or C, go crazy and buy a mac and run bootcamp, so I can still run my work software. C is not so likely.

Not the Momma said...

Fathers day was fine. I got to change the oil in my truck and play with little monster and WW all day.