Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 things you may not know about me,

OR 100 things you may NOT want to know about me.

1. My second and third toes are slightly webbed.
2. I don’t care about the fact that my toes are webbed.
3. In fact, I think they’re cute – they look kinda like a baby butt if you look at them in the right angle.
4. I eat a handful of dark chocolate M&Ms almost every day.
5. I don’t drink alcohol nearly as much as I probably should.
6. My favorite alcoholic drink is a Colorado Bulldog.
7. I named my son after his grandfathers.
8. And my favorite song.
9. And Wolverine
10. And several other people. But If I told you who they were, you’d know his name, and that would defeat the purpose of not calling him that name here.
11. I keep our identities secret because I don’t want anything I rant about to kill my husband’s career.
12. Because I seriously believe that the military can’t find this page, and figure out who we are. (HA!)
13. I miss my Passat TDI.
14. My favorite color is Red.
15. I wear some shade of red polish on my toenails 90% of the time.
16. I. LOVE. HEAT.
17. I know how to waterski.
18. I was the Nebraska State Champion for waterskiing when I was 15.
19. I was the only person in my class to compete. It was a gimme.
20. My parents are BIG into waterskiing.
21. My dad is skiing in the regionals this year, and hopefully will be qualified to compete at Nationals.
22. Not the Momma says I snore.
23. I’m a full 14 inches shorter than Not the Momma.
24. I’m a prude.
25. I have a headache that feels like my head is in a vice.
26. Not the Momma says that headache has been around since Feb 2006.
27. I like taking pictures
28. I’m not terribly good at it.
29. I sang in my high school’s cutesy girl group my senior year.
30. I don’t like to eat Macaroni and Cheese for every meal, unlike my husband.
31. I don’t like to eat Pizza for every meal, unlike my husband.
32. I like to cook, but I hate to clean up the dishes.
33. I like a clean house, but I hate to clean it.
34. I really like dark chocolate M&Ms.
35. I don’t shower every day.
36. I enjoy watching the History Channel.
37. I read mostly historical fiction
38. I love the smell of Coppertone
39. I make a killer pumpkin pie
40. And a killer banana crème pie
41. I feel guilty when raunchy humor makes me laugh
42. I get cold sores when I get stressed.
43. I get cold sores when I get sunburned.
44. I get cold sores if I eat acidic veggies/fruits and I have a cut on my lip.
45. I hate them
46. I love bananas
47. I love banana crème pie.
48. My mom and I have a very close relationship.
49. My husband doesn’t care if I get fat.
50. As long as I keep making him banana crème pies.
51. My child has the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen
52. My husband had the bluest eyes I’d ever seen until my son was born.
53. I’m terribly terrified of paper cuts in the eyeball – mine or anyone else’s.
54. My hair is curly.
55. Well, wavy really.
56. I didn’t know that until I was almost 24.
57. My favorite socks are from Old Navy.
58. I’m horrified when I think South Park is Funny.
59. Very. Very. Horrified.
60. I often think South Park is funny.
61. The best movie ever is The Princess Bride.
62. My entire wedding party went to see Signs the day before we got married.
63. During the wedding, my whole wedding party ditched me for some a/c and Maximum Exposure.
64. I LOVE me some Maximum Exposure.
65. We’ve each been married twice.
66. To each other.
67. I like riding motorcycles.
68. I’m terrified to drive one.
69. I stole numbers 14 through 50 on my “I learned” list from a previous post.
70. My pinky toe hides under my fourth toe.
71. It always has.
72. I always remember everything I’ve forgotten during the day, right before I fall asleep.
73. I forget it again overnight.
74. I cannot stand to breathe recycled air. (Air someone has already breathed.)
75. I cannot stand to have a fan blowing on me.
76. It makes my hair tickle me and drives me nuts.
77. I worked at Dairy Queen throughout high school.
78. In high school my diet consisted of: Mt. Dew, bagels with plain cream cheese, Nutty Bars, and Dairy Queen.
79. Believe it or not, I did not gain 300 pounds in high school.
80. I wish I had my metabolism from high school back.
81. My favorite socks are from Old Navy.
82. I’m paranoid that people talk about me behind my back.
83. I hate moving.
84. I hate doctors and most things medical.
85. I miss reading books.
86. I try to play off that I’m outgoing.
87. Sometimes I think I’m not.
88. I feel guilty about way too many things.
89. I wish I was better at photography.
90. I don’t have a college degree.
91. I think I’m smarter than a lot of people I met that do.
92. Sometimes I don’t know what to do all day with my son.
93. Other days I have so much that I want to do, we can’t get it all done.
94. Swimming is my absolute favorite form of exercise and relaxation
95. I love a good pedicure (with red polish, of course.)
96. When I was little I wanted the veins on my hand to pop out. (gross, huh?)
97. I prefer to walk around barefoot.
98. I used to hate flip flops, but have come to appreciate a good comfy pair.
99. I graduated from high school 10 years ago.
100. My son came home from the hospital – dressed as a beaver. He was born on Oct 30.


Knick Knack Paddy Whack, Throw This Mom a Bone said...

1. Freak. hee hee,
10. Ooh Ooh..I know it, I know it!
12. Yeah, the pics won't give it away! ;)
18. COOL!
19. Shh...don't tell that!
21. I hope he makes it!
32. Ditto!
33. Ditto again!
39. Mail me one!
40. Never had it before!
58. Not me!
60. HA. It's never unfunny!
74. Me TOO...never heard it called that before though. I can't even stand my own recycled air.
78. Mine was Dr. Pepper, and Munchos and cheddarcheese sauce on a fried chicken patty. I still crave it.
79. Me either..HOW?
82. I's always nice though. :)
90. Me either.
91. You are.
92. That's okay.
100. I love that. Of course the 'beaver' thing has to be a coincidence, right? Beaver from the beaver? Yeah, sorry...I think I stole that from South Park.

Momma Mary said...

HA! I had to go back and look at all of these! :) No, I didn't think about the whole "beaver from the beaver" thing until several months later. :) MUAH!

Ashlee said...

Loving #100! :0) Love the list I know....and knowing is half the battle!

McKenzie said...

Ok, the papercut in the eye thing? I never thought about that one, but I went to college with a girl who got hit in the eye with a rubber band at her job at the Gap, and she had to have surgery. Ever since then I've been terribly afraid of rubber bands. They scare me. I think I might copy this idea for my blog, although I'm not celebrating a fabulous amount of posts yet.

Also, your pie recipes? Will you share?

Kellyann said...

I feel like I know you so much better and it is all very freaky stuff! Welcome to the freak fest! Love the new lay out!

Vanessa said...

So here are my comments on a brief few of these...
#26... At least he didn't say since you married him... :)
#53.. I also have this (irrational) fear of paper cuts on eyeballs. I knew I liked you for a reason.
#74... Hubby doesn't get this one, but I CANNOT face him at night, I can't stand breathing warm air. No matter who's it is.

There you go.