Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 Book List

Before you read this list, you must know that this is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM representative of all of the books I've read. These are the books that I read as a kid and remembered. Some were assigned as part of a school curriculum, some were ones I read because they were on my Mom's bookshelf, and some were books I found at the library or bookstore. I used to be addicted to books. I devoured them as though they could sustain my life. My moods would depend upon what the characters were doing and feeling. Most of the books on this list that eventually became movies were read before I watched the movie, or before the movie was made. Just so you know. The only reason I am no longer addicted to books is because I am now addicted to the internets and their blogs. I should probably consider how much time I spend on the internet, and realize that is why I no longer get to read -- not because of my husband or my child.

Books I enjoyed and (remember enough to) recommend are in Bold. :) Oh forget it! I was going to do that, but then I went through and realized that 90% of the books were in bold. So, if it's on here. Read it. The one book you need to read is one about our education system. It is hard to find, probably because there are rich people out there that don't want you to read it. It will change your whole perspective of the whole "No Child Left Behind" propaganda: High Stakes: Children, Testing and Failure in American Schools.

1. 1984
2. A Bend in the Road
3. A tale of two cities
4. A Thousand Splendid Suns
5. Alice in Wonderland
6. Amelia Bedelia Series
7. Animal Farm
8. Anna Karenina
9. Anne Frank: Remembered
10. Anne of Green Gables series
11. Behind the Mask
12. Beloved
13. Black Boy
14. Cannery Row
15. Canterbury Tales
16. Catcher in the Rye
17. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
18. Charlotte’s Web
19. Chronicles of Narnia, the Series
20. Circle of Friends
21. Cold Mountain
22. Contact
23. Deception Point
24. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
25. Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne
26. Emma
27. Farenheit 451
28. Firefly Summer
29. Girl with the Pearl Earring
30. Grapes of Wrath
31. Great Expectations
32. Growing Up Brady
33. Guardian, The
34. Hatchet
35. Heidi
36. High Stakes: Children, Testing and Failure in American Schools
37. Hobbit, The
38. How the Garcia Girls lost their Accent
39. I love you the Purplest
40. Jane Eyre
41. Journey to the Center of the Earth
42. Joy Luck Club
43. Kite Runner
44. Left Behind Series
45. Little Women
46. Louis the Trumpeter Swan
47. Love in the time of Cholera
48. Lovely Bones, The
49. Marley and Me
50. Mary called Magdeline
51. Message in a Bottle
52. My Antonia
53. My Sister the Moon
54. Name all the Animals
55. Notebook, The
56. Number the Stars
57. Oliver Twist
58. Our Lady of the Lost and Found
59. Paradise
60. Plainsong
61. Practical Magic
62. Pride and Prejudice
63. Ramona Series
64. Rebekah
65. Scarlet Letter
66. Schindler's List
67. Sense and Sensibility
68. Snow falling on Cedars
69. Stuart Little
70. Sula
71. Tara Road
72. The Adventures of Huck Finn
73. The Amateur Marriage
74. The Autobiography of Malcom X
75. The babysitter’s club series
76. The Bluest Eye
77. The Constant Princess
78. The Diary of Anne Frank
79. The Glass Elevator
80. The Hummingbird’s Daughter
81. The Jungle
82. The Memory Keeper's Daughter
83. The Other Boleyn Girl
84. The Queen’s Fool
85. The Red Pony
86. The Red Tent
87. The Secret Life of Bees
88. The Straw Men
89. The upright Man
90. The Wizard of Oz
91. Their Eyes were Watching God
92. Through the Looking Glass
93. To Kill a Mockingbird
94. Tommyknockers
95. Walk to Remember, A
96. War of the Worlds
97. We Were the Mulvaneys
98. Wedding, The
99. Nights in Rodanthe
100. White Oleander

Books I’ve started or meant to, but haven’t finished:
Michelangelo and the Pope’s Ceiling
1. Sala’s Gift
2. The Pillars of the Earth
3. The Birth of Venus
4. The Case for Christ
5. Guns, Germs and Steel
6. The Hazards of Good Breeding
7. Poisonwood Bible
8. The Last Crossing
9. Sarah
10. (Last but most definitely not least) The Bible.


Deb said...

You are very diligent to get all these lists done - heck I cant even find time to read them. But I will be back to read each of them - promise!!

Ashlee said...

What a list! And some really great books on them. There are some that I didn't even realize were books before they became movies. :0)

Vanessa said...

Wow. Long list. I still read a lot, but I tend to re-read the same things over and over again, that way, if life pulls me away, it is not as difficult to put down. Usually.