Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day. Not the Momma seems to think that it's wasted on him. But I don't think so. I watch him with Little Monster and know that he deserves something to show our appreciation of what a good Daddy he is.

When we grew up I remember my mom telling me that anyone could be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. How true is that? My father was never around, and judging by the times that he was, we weren't missing out on much. But my DADDY, I miss him. Every day. My Dad is the person who, even though he didn't meet me until I was a teenager, helped raise me. He taught me to change a tire. He had the patience to teach me how to drive. In the snow. And ice. He is the person who bought my first (and second) car. He is the person who spent hours laboring to fix them and keep them running. My Dad is the person that loaned me money for rent when I moved out and lost my job. My Dad is the person that unloaded an entire POD into his garage, and built a loft for all of my stuff when we lived with him while my husband was in Bahrain. My DAD is the person who said he'd never change a diaper, but did anyway when he met his grandson. My Dad has been there for me since the day he met me. I have no doubt, that he'll be there for me for the rest of his life. That's just the type of person he is.

I know that Not the Momma won't always be around like my Dad was. He won't always be able to be there for Little Monster, because his job will take him away from home more often than he'll be home. But, the difference between an absentee father, and a Daddy, is the desire to be around. Little Monster will not grow up wondering if his Daddy loves him. He will not grow up wondering why his Daddy isn't there for him. Because, even if Not the Momma is in some tin box in the middle of the ocean, Little Monster will know that he's loved. He will know that when Not the Momma gets home, there will be living room wrestling matches, backyard camping trips and Smore's on the grill. He'll know that if he needs a guy to talk to, there will be someone to listen -- even if it is by email. He'll have someone who will have the patience to teach him how to drive. On the ice. And snow. He'll have someone to teach him how to change a tire, ride a bicycle (perhaps even a motorcycle if the XY chromosomes in this household get their way), and play catch with. He will understand that quality time is what is important- not quantity. Little Monster will know, that even if Not the Momma isn't physically around all the time, when he gets on that boat and sails off into the wide blue, he leaves his heart with us.

For all of the DADDY's out there. Happy Father's Day. Always remember that anyone can be a Father, but it take someone special to be a Daddy.


Ashlee said...

What a beautiful post! Yay for Daddy's! :0)

DC said...

I couldn't agree more. Happy Father's Day! :)

Not the Momma said...

Fathers day is just another conspiracies by the card companies to take our attention away from the real thing that happens today... Santa beginning his preps for Christmas in July for all the elves. You know the fourth of July... the day that Santa and the elves all party down amongst us. That is why there are fireworks so we all look up and we do not see them.

Vanessa said...

Well said. My daddy was gone a lot, but we knew he was just doing his job, and he'd much rather be home with us than wherever he was.

Vanessa said...

So does toddler time out really work? Cause I haven't noticed it as of yet. Of course, my little man throws slo-mo tantrums. He'll start crying, then get down on his knees, and then lean forward, and the lay down, and just keep screaming. Poor kid, it's too dang funny.