Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday Fun

I am sick. This is the billionth time since we've lived here. I'm blaming it on the weather. Here it is always 60 degrees. It never gets cold enough or hot enough to kill anything. In Nebraska, it is 60 degrees for 2 weeks in the year. One week in April, and one week in October. Between April and October, it is 110 degrees, and between October and April it's -1o. Nothing can live in those temperatures for long. But here, here, I've been sick at least once a month. So, I apologize for the quality of this 'Friday Fun' Post. I hope next week will be better.

This wasn't meant to be a post where I whine about my sinuses being clogged, my aching head or my pure exhaustion. This is meant to be a post about the things that made me smile today, despite the fact that I'm dying of yet another California Head Cold.

1. The Ball Fairy stopped by and left a big blue ball in our front yard. I went out to find the child it belonged to, but the neighborhood was like a ghost town. We talked about picking it up (we did, eventually) and then posting signs on all the doors in the neighborhood stating "we have your ball." We didn't do that last part.

2. When I went out to investigate (read: photograph) the ball, Kleenex escaped. She ran across the street. Not the Momma chased her and had her, but she got scared of him (I would be scared too if he was chasing me), and snapped. When she realized that she'd misbehaved, and was probably going to be in trouble, she ran again. Only this time, she didn't run away. She hightailed it for the front door. She knew her only hope was getting inside, and running straight into her room. That made me laugh, because I've not seen her run that fast in a loooong time. It doesn't sound funny now, but it was hilarious.

3. Little Monster's new fashion statement:

He's pretty proud of his accomplishment.

4. Remembering that just removing the Tylenol Cold from the box will not ease the symptoms. You actually have to take them out of the foil and ingest them.

5. Little Monster's all ready to go!

6.Cold Stone Creamery's Peanut Butter Perfection, made with Vanilla Ice Cream. In a freshly made waffle bowl. So fresh, I watched her make it fresh. It melted my ice cream because it was hot, fresh. For about 10 minutes, I thought I was cured of my cold. But, I wasn't.

Does anyone have the slightest idea why all of my baby weight came back? Me neither.

The Friday Fun part: What did you do today that made you smile? There had to be something. Even if it was a bad day. Tell me about it.


Anns said...

Hmmm, what made me smile yesterday?
I guess a few things...

1). The gift that was given to me by some of my staff, completely unexpected.. it was a SkipHop bottle dryer... totally practical, totally fabulous of them.

2). The 20 M+M's I ate after lunch... yes, I realize this was cheating on my GD diet but oh well.

3). Watching my dogs play in the evening, so happy to finally have their own backyard.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Nit said...

First of all...Little monster is adorable :)

And I hope you are feeling better!

Let's see...what made me smile yesterday? Getting some firm dates on when we will be starting IVF. Finally seems like its actually gonna happen! :)

Elisabeth said...

What made me smile today (one day late): Reading your blog - knowing that there are other mommies who lost all their baby weight and then gained it back.

#2 thing that made me smile: DH making fajitas and beer for dinner and homeade raspberry ice cream for dinner.

No wonder the baby weight is back.

Nine said...

I don't know what made me smile more- your adorable son or that beautiful ice crea dish. I think you've inspired me to go get some!

DC said...

Wow! That ice cream looks amazing. We have a Cold Stone Creamery right down the street and I've never been there. Crazy, I know. Maybe the fun part of my day today will be going to Cold Stone Creamery for the first time. :)

Amanda said...

Oh..... that ice cream looks so dang good!

Playing with my sweet baby makes me smile. Then she smiles. So I smile some more.

Ashlee said...

mmmm....I love Cold Stone. I went there on Tuesday last week and had a Strawberry Cheesecake concoction that was delicious! So naughty though...

andrea said...

how i love coldstone!! and what an adorable little monster you have there :)

what made me smile on friday... going out with some really good friends and having a beer :)

Colleen said...

We just acquired a black basketball in the same way - only I left it sit in our front yard for like two weeks before claiming it as ours. :O)

Love the boy's fashion statement! Too cute!

Vanessa said...

My regained baby weight is from (mostly) Golden Oreos. I love love LOVE them. So much, that I ate a whole pack. At least once a week while I was on maternity leave. Crispy vanilla cookie filled with yummy chocolate fudgey frosting. Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Mm. Totally not allowed in my house anymore.