Monday, June 09, 2008

More on The Waitress

Not the Momma was really bothered by the jerk husband, Earl in the movie. He was still talking about it today at dinner. Rarely does something like that bother him for so long. Seriously, by the end of the movie, Not the Momma was reeling, and ready to jump in the TV and just kill the guy. So, be aware that there is some serious jerk-age going on in the movie.

Lines that Not the Momma did not believe actually came out of that man's mouth:

Jenna: I feel about as sexy as a tree stump.
Earl: Honey, you were never sexy.

Earl: Treat me like a MAN.

The fact that Earl had to honk his horn as he arrived ANYWHERE, and expected Jenna to jump into the car the very second he arrived.

Earl: "And the answer to that, of course is NO."

Earl: "Just promise me you won't love that baby more than me, okay?"

Earl: Say something sexy. Jenna: What do you want me to say? Earl: (finishes)

Earl: Hey Porky, come on! (while trying to initiate interc0urse)

Earl: I love you, even if you are fat.

The list really goes on from there. And I'm leaving several things off the list in case you haven't seen the movie. But, even though we totally despised Earl we have jokingly started using some of his lines. I mean, who doesn't want to be treated like a man? I have told Not the Momma to treat me like a man at least twice today. I'm just waiting for later tonight when he tries to get frisky and calls me "porky." That should be funny.

We also watched the movie Spartans this weekend. Not worth the money. I can give you the one funny line from the movie (and will). It was a "scary movie" type of movie. And the one line that we thought was funny was a Yo-Momma joke. "Yo momma's so hairy, the only language she can speak is Wookie." There ya have it. NO need to waste money on that movie now!

(Did you notice that I didn't bring up fattening, sugary, yummy, not-good-for-you food in this post? I'm so proud of myself!)


Don Mills Diva said...

That movie sounds dreadful - how come I've never read about how sexist it is in any of the reviews?

Ashlee said...

What is sad is that there are men out there that really talk that way...and women who feel they need to put up with it. :0(

Nit said...

I have never even heard of this movie, but now I want to watch it! I'm sure I will be like Not the mama though & regret it! :)

Vanessa said...

Hmm. Not sure if I want to see that.

RE your comment on my blog... totally gonna get Mario Kart. And tell me about the word verifications, I swear that the more posts I make, the longer they get. Although it looks like the one for this post is short. :) I've seriously had like 10 letter long ones before. Annoying! But today's is a, umm, palindrome. yeah, that's it. ilpli

glitterrs said...

I watched a movie like this yesterday called "Why Did I Get Married?". My friend Jess was just about to break her tv by throwing something at it.

Kellyann said...

I saw both Waitress and Why did I get married and they are way too depressing for words.

Earl in the movie is also way too much like my ex boyfriend. But I have said many times that you have to have a Mike to aprreciate the Rob.

Vanessa said...

Cory said something once about how he liked my chubbiness, (he didn't put it quite as nice as that though) and it came out of his mouth and he just stopped talking, looked at me like, "What did I just say...Crap!" and changed the subject. It was just a tad frosty in our house the rest of the night. Even though I knew he meant it as a compliment, in his weird, twisted way.