Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Something's Amiss

I left the house last night to go to a meeting. When I returned, two and a half hours later, the house was clean. (Well, all but scrubbing the floors and bathrooms.)

My husband cleaned the house. And did laundry. And bathed the baby. And put him to bed. In two and a half hours.

I think he's on to me.


Ashlee said...

Please tell him not to pass this information on to the other dads. :0) Specifically my hubby. Thanks so much...

Vanessa said...

Has he been talking to my hubby? Cause you know, he was gone all last week, and came home for one day, and the house looked 10 times better than it had when he left. Insane. At least i know he didn't marry me for my housekeeping skills (or lack there of)

Sharon said...

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Loved your blog re your GREAT HUBBY! Mine is the same way...WE are very lucky!I hope to visit again when I get back from Vacation!

Lisa said...

Thank your lucky stars! My hubby never gets anything accomplished when he has the kids except letting them destroy the house. :P