Monday, July 28, 2008

Why I watch Channel 8 News

I love guys who have a dry sense of humor. But this anchor (Dan Green), he takes the cake. His sense of humor and quick wit, well, they are the reason why I watch Channel 8 News. You never know what he's going to say.

Last night, he got lucky, though. We were busy shoving our faces with food, watching the news while he was narrating a news story about how California is going to do something to protect the ocean and beaches. The entire time he's reading the story there was some stock beach footage. When he was done with the footage he says... "And this would be the ocean." As if somehow there should have been a picture of a puppy on the screen while he had been talking about the news story, or perhaps we didn't know what the ocean was, even considering this is coastal California. As soon as Not the Momma and I heard that, we both nearly choked to death. I actually had to get up and leave the table I started laughing so hard.

I know, this is kind of like an inside joke. But the inflection that this guy uses, and his snarky remarks about some of the things that go on. They crack me up. I am going to try to watch more often, and keep a note of his comments. Because I feel the need to share this guy with the world. Everyone needs a smarty pants news anchor, and Channel 8 has one.

P.S. I'm sorry I missed PrompTuesday this week! But you should check it out!


The Khaje Khronicles said...

lol, that was hilarious! We don't have cable or bunny ears, but maybe I'll catch him sometime, somewhere.

how are you?

The Khaje Khronicles said...

oh congrats on winning the promptuesday 3 month anniversary gift!

slouching mom said...

you are right:

everyone needs a smartypants news anchor!

(i know I do.)

Janet said...

LOL! He sounds funny, but oh man, how can you watch the news while eating? Eek!

Vanessa said...

SO I went to your news channel, and lo and behold, the first video I stumbled upon was of your man. HE was talking about softball, and how it was returning to normal in BIg Sur, and at the very end, he goes, and just for the record... when the ball goes back and does blah blah blah... thats a line drive. Or something. It WAS pretty funny.