Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Pardon me...

...while I whine and complain. Pardon me while I behave in a completely insensitive manner to those people who have been evacuated from their homes.

Here on the central coast of CA, we get probably 3 good weather days per month, where it is warm enough to get out the swimming pool. Usually the highs are in the 5os or 60s, the fog is thick, and damp, and the ocean breeze makes it feel cooler than the actual temperature.

This week, the weather is supposed to ROCK. We're talking upper 70's, low 80's. But all of the smoke and ash from the fire south of Big Sur. It's raining on my parade. We can't play outside in the morning when it's warm, because the smoke is awful. I can't open the windows to my home, because the smoke is awful. Which makes it worse, because we don't have air conditioning. It gets hot and stuffy in here.

I know. It could be worse, I could be one of the people who had to flee their homes because of the fire. I could be without a home, because it has burned down. I am very grateful that we've been lucky so far.

However, I would like the ash and smoke from that fire to go away so that I can take my kid to the beach, and play in his pool, and go for walks and bike rides in the wonderful actually summer-like weather. Is that too much to ask?


Vanessa said...

Yes, Mary, that is too much to ask. Because SOME people have real problems. Like the fact that my vacation this summer got canceled at the last minute. I mean, really, people, what is a little bit of water. Yeah, it knocked down your house, but I'm supposed to be a the LAKE. SWIMMING. But instead, my husband was off doing what water engineers do during floods(not sure what that is, really) so we stayed home.

*** Note, I do really feel bad for the people who are effected by this year's horrible flooding in the midwest, and really, truly, I am not a horrible person, and I am not really all that upset about the canceled vaca. Trying to be humorous here***

But my point is, MM, that I feel you. I too, have had to deal second hand with horrible natural disasters this year. Now if only we could get OUR excess water together with YOUR hot burny fires, all would be well in the world. Hmm.

Vanessa said...

Holy poop, that was a long bold comment.

Ashlee said...

So sorry your fun day was ruined. :0(