Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Edition of Good Idea Bad Idea:

...when I'm past this terrible, terrible mood, maybe I'll be able to write something coherent for PrompTuesday. For now, here's some more Good Idea Bad Idea.

Good Idea:Vacation Bible School: So. Much. Fun. I love spending time with the kids. They are a great group.

Bad Idea: (for the Commissary) Remodeling the freezer section the ONE week I really don't have the energy to make dinner... (and I'm sure many other volunteers for VBS feel the same way.)

Bad Idea: (for the Commissary) Keeping the ENTIRE ice cream section, the ENTIRE frozen pizza section, yet, not having ANY room for frozen vegetables or anything with any modicum of nutrition.

Good Idea: (for the Commissary) Posting a note that says: "Sorry. If you don't see it your out of luck." Even if it was worded a bit more tactfully and professionally. And While it does qualify in the "good idea" category. It doesn't make it better for anyone who's looking for frozen veggies.

Good Idea: (for the Commissary) Encouraging employees to please look in the back for some chicken voila OR some chicken crock pot meals, It is highly appreciated.

Bad Idea: (for the Commissary) Coming back with an attitude that says a lot more than your signs.

Good Idea: Shopping somewhere else!!!

Bad Idea: Running out of money. So, I guess I'll still shop there.

Good Idea: Opening the back of the Schmitty to put groceries in, and doing so.

Bad Idea: Breaking down in the parking lot of the Commissary while the whole world watches. Because you're tired, they didn't have anything you came to get(except coffee creamer, milk and zipper bags) and Schmitty, your beloved minivan, just tried to make a new orifice in your skull above your ear.

Good Idea: keeping control and not throwing the (impulse buy) watermelon across the parking lot at all the people staring at you because before you could regain control a few words slipped out of your mouth at a higher than normal volume in front of your young impressionable toddler after your minivan tried to kill you by automatically closing the door for an unknown reason.

Bad Idea: writing the longest run on sentence ever. (readers, BREATH IN!)

Worse Idea: freaking out your kid because you are crying.

So. I wonder how much trouble I'd be in if I purchased that Friday Fun thing and instead of pouring drinks into a cup, I just had the tap mix them directly into my mouth? Yeah, that would probably turn into another "Good Idea, Bad Idea."


Ashlee said...

So, how is your head doing? :0) Sounds like a fun day you had there! That's when you head straight for the drive through and order to-go for dinner. :0)

Vanessa said...

Ah.. the commissary. I don't miss her and her crowded, noisy aisles! I was in awe the first time I shopped at the regular grocery store in college. There were choices, and lots of them. And not of the, do I want beans or corn variety, but, do I want store brand, or cheap store brand, or green giant, or butter kernal type of variety. It still gets me sometimes. :) Sorry your trip sucked so bad.