Saturday, July 05, 2008

Noteworthy Conversations from our Vacation

Conversation 1:

Not the Momma overheard two men at Old Navy:
man1: How would I look in these? (holds up pants to himself)
man2: Honey, you'd look good in anything!

Our conversation following:
Me: Couldn't he just have been trying them on?
Not the Momma: No. Guys don't try things on. We pick it up, look at it for a second and buy it. If it doesn't fit when we get home, it becomes our newest rag.

Conversation 2:

On our way home from Nebraska:
Momma Mary: Little Monster, WHAT do you want!? Use your words! (frustrated to the point of breaking!)

Little Monster: Ma-Maw? Ba-Pa? (translation: Grandma, Grandpa?)

Momma Mary: sobs.

Conversation 3:

As we're watching the tail end of 2 mile long wall cloud that wreaked havoc in Omaha go right over us.

Momma Mary: Hmm, there's a storm coming. I KNOW! Let's go stand on top of the tallest hill and watch it go by!

Not the Momma: Would we do anything else? Let's take the baby.

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Amanda said...

My hubby told me the same thing about clothes! It makes no sense! I wish it could be that easy for women!