Thursday, July 24, 2008

And that's why I should boycott Target

Number of items we went to get:

1. 8.5 x 11 college ruled loose leaf paper.
Total Cost $2.50-ish

Number of items we purchased:

1. Nightlight
2. Pillow for Little Monster
3. 2 Dollar Books for Little Monster
4. 2 Jars Alfredo for dinner
5. 1 set note cards printed with cherries
6. 3 single serving soups for Not the Momma's Lunch
7. Plastic spoons for Not the Momma to eat soups with
8. 1 pkg cool whip, for my blueberry cobbler
9. Face sunscreen
Total cost $60.00

Do you notice a problem with that list? They don't have paper in 8.5 x 11 college ruled loose leaf.

And that, my friends is why I should stop going to Target.


Ashlee said...

you can't boycott Target! It's the best store in the world!

Dan & Misty said...

yikes, i hate when that happens. but mmmm cool whip & blueberry cobbler.

Amanda said...

Target rocks. I usually spend waaaaaay more than that when I go there. And they are about to turn ours into a SuperTarget too, yaaaay!

Anonymous said...

you take that back! target loves you.

Vanessa said...

I'll never forget the trip to Target when we went in to buy.. heck, don't even remember, but all I know is that we came out of target with a paintball gun and a pair of rollerblades. Plus about $50 worth of other crap. I don't even know if we bought what we went for. We don't go to Target very often anymore, because it is a money sucker and a time sucker. That, and they are always sold out of diapers in Little Man's size. How is that possible? I haven't been there in, oh, about a month. :)