Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday's Random Moments

Me: Look at those toes! Mama needs a pedicure!

Not the Momma: Mama needs to get over it. Be like the women in the 1930's. HARD!CORE!

As we are leaving the donut shop, a guy in a car pulls up blasting What is Love. We both immediately start doing the "Night at the Roxbury" dance and head nod. When the guy parks, he doesn't just shut off his car, he continues to blast the song until it is finished, leaving all of the people in the parking lot giggling uncontrollably.

And a note to you -- We most certainly did NOT swear off Target. I was just saying that yeah, maybe I shouldn't go there.. Because then we leave with a skateboard for the Little Monster, a BIG bouncy ball, and the game Catch Phrase. Because that place rocks, and they have everything. You can always find something you didn't know you needed!


Ashlee said...

Loved the Night at the Roxbury! Everytime I hear any of those songs I get flashbacks to the headbob. :0)

Vanessa said...

I like the new commercial where all the people everywhere are head bobbing and the NATR guy is like, would you all just stop it! I have no clue what it is a commercial for.

Dan & Misty said...

My FIL is always asking, Who sings that song, you know that one... and then he sings it and I tell him everytime who it is but it never fails him to forget. I think it's hilarious when he sings it. haha.

The Khaje Khronicles said...

Target is a dangerous place for me.