Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Thursday!

Today I went to the aquarium with some gals I go to bible study with. We had fun, like we always do. We visited the child's area or "Splash Zone."

While it was a fairly enjoyable experience I have to say that people are pretty rude. Either that or I have a sign on my back that says "Please push me out of the way so that you can see the pretty fishies. Don't mind that I'm lugging a toddler around, or that he'd really like to see the fish. We don't exist. Also, please feel free to take a picture of the fish by shoving your hand right in front of my face. Walk in front of me and stop. I know I'm standing 1 1/2 feet away from the exhibit. That's so you can squeeze your 4 meter diameter body between me and the exhibit, thereby blocking the exhibit and shoving us to the other side of the room."

I kid. Sort of. There weren't very many people there. There was plenty of room. But the people that were there were generally pushy and rude. A lady actually stood next to me and shoved her arm in my face to take a picture of a fish. In the child's area. This lady did not have children in the child's area.

As I told my friend I would upon arrival, I did a LOT of praying today. I did a lot of praying for forgiveness for the nasty and evil thoughts that were running through my head. And a lot of praying for restraint. So that I didn't shove some cameras into places that are generally exit-only orifices. Now how Christian is that? Yeah. I'm not very patient sometimes.

Little Monster was a little overwhelmed. But that might be because some lady had just elbowed us about 3 or four times trying to look at "Dori and Nemo! DORI AND NEEEEEMOOOOOOO!!!" and get pictures. Because these were really the fish from the movie. What did you say? The movie was computer animated?! You're kidding me!!

PeekaBoo!! Yup. We're at a top rated aquarium, and we're playing peek-a-boo. Forget the fish. Where's mommy?
See you!


Elisabeth said...

Little Monster is so cute. I love these photos. They are awesome - his face is priceless. I can completely picture him looking at the crazy lady elbowing you out of the way to get a picture of Dori *who isn't real*.

I think our boys would be great friends.

I hope one day they'll meet and be buds. I think they will.

Ashlee said...

That boy has some gorgeous blue eyes! Seriously! Cute! :0)

San Diego Momma said...

I love that first pic!

And I swear, I've been experiencing the SAME rudeness. Do not even get me started on my Sea World trip.

Still praying,

Dan & Misty said...

oh my gosh, i love that pic of him all squished up against the glass

Vanessa said...

He looks kind of scared in that second picture. But cute all at the the same time. Ahh. I hate rude people. I seems to attract them like mosquitoes. In stores, on the road, everywhere. I hate other drivers, especially the ones who are in such a hurry that can't stop at the light/stopsign, and pull out in front of me, make me slow down, and then go 5 under the speed limit. Seriously? Ugh! Sorry people ignore your existence.