Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why I cried today... (and photos)

I guess it's better than because I was having a break down in the grocery store parking lot because my minivan tried to kill me. I can pretend it's because I'm nog toing to BlogHer, but this song always does it to me:

Every time. I managed to hold it together the first TWO times we sang it. But the third time, as the parents were arriving to pick up their children, the tears poured down. And I imagined they were staring at me because I looked like an idiot crying at Vacation Bible School. And then, I realized they were staring at me. And I got paranoid.

But then I realized I was wearing this (coincidentally, it's also what I've been wearing to psyche myself up for BlogHerNot 2008):

I looked like an idiot. Not just any idiot, but an idiot who was crying and having fun while wearing ridiculous headgear. Yup. That's pretty much me. Every Day.

And then there's the photos for those of you that wanted to see:

Worlds most poorly frosted and decorated birthday cake (thought and work does count. Especially when I have to beat off 33 year old hands from stealing my frosting):

World's cutest kid hamming it up for the camera. He has decided to say "tcheeeez" when he sees the camera now. I'm not sure who exactly taught him that, but uh, yeah...

Looks like Little Hammy didn't care about how poorly the cake was frosted!

I apologize. I really should split this up into two posts, or do something different, but eh. I'm tired. I've been running around with kids who insist that we hop like bunnies everywhere we go. So, yeah. I'm beat. And that's a lot of work. Apparently, so is writing a complete sentence.


Ashlee said...

I was just looking over at your labels list on the side bar here and noticed you had 98 posts labeled random rambling...

Just saying, is all. :0)

I love that song too, and the artwork for that slideshow is beautiful! Almost as beautiful as the picture of you with the head gear. :0) You look like you were having a good time. I'm sure the parents appreciated the fun lady their kids got to spend the day with. Seriously! I would have.

Vanessa said...

I'd be jealous of the crazy crying lady who was wearing the crazy hat, cause SHE got so spend the day with my kid. :( So what if they look at you funny. You have a fun job. :)

glitterrs said...

that cake is not that bad! in fact it freakin looks so good and i want some. hey, at least you spelled things correctly. :) remember dairy queen?

glitterrs said...

i'm back at 4am...looking at that cake...wanting to eat it