Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flaky is good in a pie crust....

But not so good for a Bloggy Buddy.

Reasons Really bad excuses for being a no-show at BlogHerNot this weekend.

  1. I'b sthiiiick... for the forty umpteen millionth time this year.

  2. We finally got the drink mixer? I found out that mixing drinks directly into your mouth -- not such a good idea?

  3. Schmitty the minivan tried to kill me.

It doesn't really matter. My Dad always accused me of writing the book of excuses... We really didn't get the drink mixer, but wouldn't that be nice?

Okay... Are you ready for the true story?

Here goes:

I was all psyched up! Even after a grueling week of volunteering at Vacation Bible School, I was really excited!

First, I had to drop off Little Monster at the sitter's. We got a little lost along the way.

After I finally got him dropped off, I had to get my hair done.

I didn't want to show up to BlogHerNot looking like I normally do:

Then, I got a bit confused about where BlogHerNot really was. After driving around for hours, I ran into some friends from high school. They convinced me to hang out for a while. It was still early, and I thought I had plenty of time to show up.

My watch stopped half way through the night. And apparently, they were slipping something into my cokes. Which, in turn, led to other things being slipped to me. The night didn't turn out like I planned, but hey, we made a couple of bucks. (Some identities have been concealed for their protection.)

I wish I had made it to BlogHerNot, though. I probably would have met some new friends and had a great time. It seems like everyone else had a blast. And I hope everyone got home okay.

Seriously, you should go check out Mommy Pie. She's got a rundown of all of the BlogHerNot goodness that happened. That I totally flaked on. There was a lot of good times. As for me, get out your heaviest rolling pin and put me in a pan, because I know how to flake better than your average pie crust.


Anonymous said...

Okay, you're forgiven. At least you made a few bucks along the way.

And Little Monster got to see some wildlife.

Perhaps we should rename Schmitty "Christine?"

Just wanted you to know you were missed. Feel better ma Doog!

Momma Mary said...

Thanks for forgiving me, and for the linky love in the BlogHerNot Wrap up… even though I didn’t show.

I don’t think we need to rename Schmitty yet (although I haven’t ruled it out). I’m chalking it up to PMS. :)

Vanessa said...

Schmitty had PMS? Or you? Where do my comments keep going.. the count keeps going down! Does your thingy only count back so far?

Anonymous said...

i like that my face is censored. to protect the public.