Sunday, September 30, 2007

Peaceful Praries and new homes...

This weekend we visited Rock Creek Station, south of Fairbury Nebraska. This is a great place to go and try to get a picture of what the pioneers saw. There are walking paths through the prairie and replicas of the area settlement, including a toll bridge. This is one of the places in our country where you can still see the trail ruts carved into the ground by wagon trains that followed the Oregon Trail.

As we were walking with the baby and the dogs through the prarie in the 50 mph winds, I realized how lucky I am to have air conditioning, comfortable shoes and a bed that isn't made of rope and straw. The wind was absolutely insane. I kept trying to picture what the world would have looked like 200 years ago when nothing had touched the land. I'm guessing that much of what I saw would have looked the same. It was a fun trip. We tested out our new house:

This past week has been hectic as I have been trying to deal with the purchase of our new "

house." At least until we get into a house when we move to California. We had a lot of fun testing the new place out. There's plenty of room for baby, and we can even stick to a schedule. Our only snag this weekend was when I was a bit sore from not being "milked" for nearly a week, and the baby was VERY frustrated because he'd fallen asleep and we had to wake him up. So, being the weak, soft-hearted mother that I am.. I gave in and let him have a bit. Just a teeny bit. It helped to relieve my pressure and he immediately relaxed. Did I compeltely traumatize him? I hope not!! Since then, the pressure has been bearable. Oh well.. This post is terrible, and I apologize. I'm very tired and just wanted to put something out there. :) (oh and WHAT IN THE WORLD was up with the wind today?)

I might have more to say after I watch the movie "The Man Who Sued God." :)

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Kimi said...

Glad you had a good time. I love your new house. It looks awesome in the pictures on the AB site.