Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

You're not going to find any talk of politics or Presidents here... Today was a very important day in our household.

Today was the day that Little Monster ate the first ice cream cone of his very own. Sure, he's had nibbles off of others. Certainly he's had ice cream, usually in shake form. He's no stranger to frozen confectionery treats. But today -- today we gave him a Drumstick. It's supposed to start cooling off and raining tomorrow. So we celebrated the end of nearly two weeks of fabulous weather with ice cream on the front lawn, followed by soccer and a late nap.
Little Monster had a good time, even if he wasn't sure about the ice cream cone at first. You see, he had a little trouble getting past all of the chocolate and nuts.
Once he got past the chocolate and nuts, he still wasn't sure about the whole thing.

Maybe he was worried it was too good to be true?

After another bite, I asked him what he thought?

I think he was telling me he'd rather I stop talking and taking pictures and allow him to eat his snack.

Uh oh! There's a drip! Catch the drip!!

The ice cream in the cone was too much. He asked for a spoon to get the rest out.

The problem with using a spoon, is that ALL of the ice cream comes out at once and you get a brain freeze.

You wouldn't believe the trouble we had trying to convince him that he could actually eat that chocolate coated sugar cone.

That chocolate cone is pretty good after all isn't it?? So... Little Monster -- How do you feel about your inauguration into the world of Drumstick Ice Cream Cones?

Yeah, that's what I thought you'd say. I kinda like them too!

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Ashlee said...

Who doesn't love a drumstick? Seriously....
Glad he enjoyed it so much and that you were able to enjoy watching him enjoy it so much. I love seeing kids experience things for the first time. It's like reliving it all over again for yourself. :0)