Monday, January 19, 2009

Doing the "tourist" thing.

One of the great things about being married to the military is that we move often -- and because we're Navy, we're almost always on the ocean. And usually in some sort of a tourist destination. Sometimes it's a pain -- like from Memorial Day to Labor Day. But other times, it's awesome. Like when there are no tourists in town, because it's January. And then because you have family come into town (I swear that's the only time it warms up here) it's 80 degrees. And because it's 80 degrees, you feel guilty sitting around inside doing nothing, so you go on a drive through the rich area, with the golf courses. That place you never visit except when company is in town, because it's 9 dollars and some change to drive through.

What? You don't believe me? Here's proof of the weather, the sun, surf and just plain beautiful weather.

Were you expecting pictures without Little Monster in them?? Oh. Okay. Here's some pictures of the scenery. The first is of bird rock. Those funky looking lumps are sea lions and pelicans.

There. That's all you get. Now we're back to the cute. Plus, the short sleeves prove it is actually warm here.
And this one has nothing to do with our road trip, but the Zoolander pose cracks me up anyway.

Don't be too jealous. It will be cool, cloudy and rainy in a couple of days. And it will stay that way until sometime in October. While you are all basking in your springs, summers and swimming pools, I'll be sitting in my house, cuddled under a blanket while the fog rolls past my front door.

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