Friday, January 30, 2009

Foto Friday

I'm approaching 22 weeks. So, here's some pictures for your comparison.
Me at 22 weeks with Little Monster (note how warm it was. I was sweating to death. I was also already wearing my wedding ring around my neck. I'm wasn't really sure this was only a 22 week picture, but I double checked. It is.
Me today near 22 weeks with WECON (please don't mind the pregnancy acne and the look that says "TAKE THE DARN PICTURE OR I AM LIABLE TO COME OVER THERE AND KILL YOU!). I realize that I look like I'm due tomorrow in this picture. I'm not. I'm one of those women who balloon out like a whale. I promise.

Oh yeah, and here's a picture of WECON... Perhaps we'll have to start calling her WECON-ette. That's right. According to the ultrasound technician, it's a girl. There were three lines where I expected there to be an appendage. Let the fighting over names BEGIN!

Oh, wait. You want a profile of Little Monster for comparison? Okay. He was only 18 weeks.


Ashlee said...

Wow...still in the womb and they already look the same! :0)

You are a super cute pregnant girl! How exciting for you to switch to pink! I can't wait to hear what you're going to name her!

Vanessa said...

So cute! Oh, so if tyou are growing girly bits, what would you like me to do with the box of boy things I have of yours?

Amanda said...

Yay Team Pink!!!!

I must have missed where the name WECON came from? Please enlighten me.

Sara said...

My ultrasound tech called the 3 lines the taco.... hmmmm... really?