Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Ready

Nesting, preparing, going insane, no matter what you call it -- that's what I'm doing. Today, Not the Momma asked me to bring the drill upstairs. I was very prepared to nag for a while about how his project should wait until the stuff I've wanted to do was done.

Basically I was all ready to be whiny, selfish and demanding. Someone he'd want to throw over the side of the ship.

I was very surprised when I went upstairs that I didn't have to nag, whine, demand - or even ask nicely. He was started on the project. He was working on the nursery/guest room. Call me crazy, but with the way I feel this pregnancy, I am hoping to have most of the stuff ready by the time I hit the third trimester. I want to save my third trimester energy for chasing after the two year old monster in our household. It will be better for everyone involved.

We made some real progress. Little Monster's room is now sporting a new "big boy" dresser, and his changing table/dresser/wardrobe is in the nursery/guest room. The bed in the guest room has been moved to accommodate the dresser and the crib. Most of the baby stuff from the storage room has been removed and at least put into the guest room for sorting -- if it hasn't' already been sorted. I did a fair share of sorting today. I went through all of Little Monsters old clothes that were really "boy-ish" out and put them into a "boy" bin. And I sorted all of the non-crazy-boy clothes into size and either put them in the dresser or into another bin. I still have a couple of bins to go through -- and then I need to sort through the clothes I'm giving away. But a majority of it is started.

It's amazing how much space 'baby' stuff takes up when it's in storage. We'll have plenty of room in several places for all of the stuff that was in the storage room once we move it all around and either unpack or sort through it.

But now, after doing all of that, on top of our normal Saturday morning running around and the errands we ran this afternoon -- I'm pooped. It's a good thing, though, because I'm all 'nested' out for the day.

Several people have told me how much Little Monster and WECON look alike in their ultrasound photos. If that's the case, we're all in trouble. If WECON gets those blue eyes, and those eyelashes -- heaven help us -- she's going to get anything she wants. For the rest of her life. All based on a look and a bat of the eyes.

Did I mention how awesome my husband is? He did all that work for me. Today. Without being nagged. What a guy, huh?? Sorry. I'll probably keep him after all.

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desperate housewife said...

I have to say, I am so jealous you have a guy who does projects without nagging! My husband doesn't do them even WITH nagging! Our den has been unfinished for SEVEN months now. Count 'em! And he still claims I'm nagging every time I bring it up!