Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, Monday...

The first in two weeks where I've been by myself for the entire day since the in-laws left on Saturday morning. It is also the first Monday that I've been strapped to a desk in order to be on the computer.

There have been a few snags. Little Monster is refusing naps again. Probably because I haven't been on the floor chasing him and playing with him every second of the day like Grandma did. That's what Grandmas are for, but he got quite used to it. That snag will be taken care of soon. Hopefully.

As much as I enjoyed having company, I am also enjoying the quiet of having the house to myself. Well, the relative quiet as Little Monster is still here with me "vrumming" his trucks and "rarrring" his dinosaurs, begging for drinks and snacks every time I turn around. The relative quiet still includes him screaming from his bedroom door "hand, Mommy, Hand!" He wants me to hold his hand until he falls asleep. The problem with that is that I'm not allowed in his room. When I enter he says "go away Mommy!" So, I sit and I wait. I wait and pray that the relative quiet will become actual quiet as he drifts off into sleep.

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