Friday, February 01, 2008

Grocery Shopping can be fun....

... and no, I'm not on drugs. Not yet, anyway. The other day I went grocery shopping. I have to say that it was probably the most enjoyable experience I've had while shopping by myself with the Little Monster. He was very well behaved, and enjoyed the trip. Not because I drugged him, but because I picked out a "fun" cart.

Rather than have him sit in one of the rusty old carts that they have sitting out in the open, for the first time I opted for the cart that has two steering wheels at the top of the cart (where he'd normally be sitting anyway), because it was plastic, and not likely to give him tetanus if he opted to chew on the cart like he normally does. This was the best. decision. ever. He spent the entire time "driving" around, and flirting with people. He loved the fact that he could see where we were going and had his own steering wheel. If he started to get unruly, I'd just tell him he needed to help drive, or we'd crash. Sometimes we did crash, because I'm a terrible driver and the cart is a bit bigger than normal. And then there's the fact that I put him in the "passenger" side, rather than the driver side. Not an issue until the 15 month old starts grabbing everything within reach because he's on the wrong side of the cart. What is in reach? Just about everything! But all in all, I love these carts. I think I'll look for them whenever I grocery shop from now on. Now.. if only Target could get some of these carts.. Who knew that he was already old enough to enjoy things like "driving" around the grocery store? Not the Momma kept telling he he isn't old enough to enjoy that stuff. Is it because he really isn't, or is it because we aren't ready for him to be the little boy and not the baby? I don't know..

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Sara said...

Mady loves those carts! We always get one at Kroger now when we shop. Plus now I can put my purse in the spot where she would normally sit.