Friday, February 22, 2008

Brandy -- Phone's for you!

Brandy: Your stalkers are calling and harassing me. Why? Because I'm lucky enough to have gotten your phone number after you disconnected it. Thank you. Today one of them called me, it was the same company that has called seven or eight times in the past week or so. They are nice enough to let you know when you pick up the phone that "someone will be with you in a moment regarding a personal matter." Funny, they never mention the company they are with. I told them the last three times that you didn't live here, that I didn't know you, and that you had nothing to do with this number anymore. I also used the words "take me off your list." I'm guessing that won't work with this company, because I got another telephone call from them today.

Me: Hello.. (pause) Hello?
Caller: (recorded message) Please wait, someone will (recording interrupted)--Brandy?
Me: No. Brandy doesn't live at this number. I told you that the last time. This is harrassment.
Caller: You don't know Brandy?
Me: No, I do not. I was unfortunate enough to get her number after she disconnected it. I told you three times that this was harrassment, this number is registered with the Do Not Call List, and I've asked you to remove me from your list. If you call again, I will go to the authorities.
Caller: When are you going?
Caller: When are you going?
Me: What are you saying?
Caller: You said you were going somewhere... When are you going?
Me: I SAID that I am going to go to the POLICE if you call this number again!

At this point I realized that the jerk on the other line was amusing himself by irritating me further. So I hung up. What should I have done? I have no idea who they are, they come up as "Out of Area." They call ALL the time, and I'm not about to pay for that service that pre-screens your calls. I'm not sure I can, because Police Departments are calling me, and they can't get through that either.

Oh well. As Not the Momma would say, California just went down a notch.

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