Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too Nice? Well, then.. Here ya go..

So... Earlier I posted about why I won't, will not, cannot EVER vote for Hillary. Then, Nessa kindly blasted me for being too nice. I don't think you'll have a problem with this then. I'm stealing the entirety of her post and putting it here, I know it breaks all kinds of blogging rules. But, you see, I just can't take any of it and leave the rest. It just won't work. It is exactly my thoughts, my view, except that no one is harassing me for endorsements. I'm not that important, but as for everything else, it sums up my exact thoughts. Down to EVERY DOT ON EVERY i and EVERY CROSS on EVERY T.:

I am not a political blogger; that's not why I blog. I am not
here on this earth to convince anyone to change their ways, never wear that
shade of green, eat only things which have no face, or let your children grow up
wild and free because the world will teach them discipline when they're older.
HOWEVER: My email is overflowing with inquiries from people wanting me to get
political and tell people who I feel would be the best president. Most of these
emails are asking me to endorse Hilary for the simple fact that she is a woman
and all of us women should stick together and elect one of our own to the White
House because it's TIME.


I am not a political person.
I vote, and I have always voted, because I firmly believe that voting is like
being on a jury, and if a jury/senate/White House/congress is supposed to be
full of my "peers," well, I want to be sure that it really is, and not full of
the kind of people who were on some of the juries/political offices I've seen.
Peers my ass. It was like a tour through Jerry Springer's waiting room, and
those people are NOT my peers.

Besides, people who don't vote rightfully
forfeit all whining rights. No votee, no whinee. Few things make me angrier than
someone griping about a political decision, who didn't even vote. If someone
didn't care enough to have a voice on election day, that person should shut up
forever about anything political. If he really cared, he would have voted.

I know that many people see no connection between someone's personal
life and his/her professional life, but I am not one of those people. I see a
person's personal life as a reflection of their priorities in their professional
life, and vice versa. I can not separate the two. If a person is an idiot in
his/her personal life, I believe he/she will be an idiot in the professional
life, also. And, again, vice versa. Perhaps this is not always the case; I
really don't care. I can't separate them. We are what we are, and most of what
we are we have chosen to be.

It's not just politicians, as you all well
know, either. We all present an image to the public, but if that image is to be
believable and viable in any way, we must give evidence that we are sincere by
the way we live our personal lives. Politics is full of reprehensible people
whose private lives are so filled with chosen horror that I could never in a
million zillion years take anything they ever said, professionally, in any kind
of serious way. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to fall, because it
invariably will. I am not interested in electing a train wreck to political

I could never vote for Hilary, and it's not because of her sex.
It's because I see her as an enabler of a man whose personal life is disgusting.
I see her as an enabler of a marriage that is a joke. I see her as an enabler of
a man who tries to pass off his inability to keep it in his pants as a
'disease.' Please. I also see one/half of a couple whose values are so far
removed from mine that I simply can't accept them in any way. When I think of
the Clintons, all I see is a dysfunctional family, a pack of liars, and a woman
who stayed in an adulterous marriage so she could climb higher as a politician.
I also see a person who supposedly represents a state in which she did not even
live. This is a joke, too. Add to all this the fact that the Clintons are
milking the taxpayers for all it's worth by charging the Feds rent for the extra
residence they built to house the Secret Service agents - to the tune of the
equivalent of their mortgage on that million-dollar home they bought to
establish residence in New York - that's a 10,000 mortgage, folks -this means
that the taxpayers are paying the Clintons' salaries, mortgage, transportation,
safety and security, and the salaries for their 12-man staff. Looking out for
the common people? The Clintons don't know what a common person is. They don't
hang out with common people. No, I don't want either of them representing me in
any way.

The Clintons are a joke. Worse, they are a joke without a punch
line. A never-ending build-up without any resolution. He is a grinning, selfish,
horny old man, and she is a scary cackling oaf with a hard chromium finish who
fakes tears when things don't go her way. Both are scrambling up the political
ladder on each other's coattails, both are kicking the ladder away beneath them,
and neither has a heart, or any kind of ethics other than the selfish kind.
I'm sorry, people who are constantly emailing me to endorse Hilary, but
there is no way that will ever happen. Ever, ever, ever, ever.

I would
never vote for someone based solely on his/her sex. That is ridiculous. I would
also never vote for someone whose personal life was a shambles and whose
personal choices were bad. People who break promises, commit adultery, cheat,
can't keep it in their pants or out of their pants, lie, steal, ingratiate, or
try to fool me into believing they'd be a good elected representative of me
while doing any of those things, make me heartsick and disgusted. Nobody is
perfect, but everybody could at least TRY to behave.

No, I could never
vote for Hilary, and I will never be able to endorse her in any way, unless she
was running for National Joke, or National Bitch, or National Poster Woman for
Dysfunctional Relationships, or Enabler of the Year, or some such.

will not be answering any more political emails, so those who are persistent in
wanting me to say something about politics can save themselves the trouble. I
might comment, but I won't answer emails about politics. You wanted to know what
I thought about Hilary and now you know. Are you happy? I bet not.

Besides, who in the world would care what somebody like me thought about
a candidate? Certainly Hilary doesn't care about women like me. Hilary's
"choice" is not the same as mine.

It's common knowledge that I am a firm
believer in choice for all women, and for all men, too. The difference between
me and a lot of other firm believers in choice is that I believe the choice
comes BEFORE the consequences ofr the choice. Anything else and you're just
someone who got caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar and now you want
amnesty AND the cookie AND no consequences for putting your hand in the sugar;
you know, as if your hand being there wasn't your choice in the first place.

So, no Hilary for me. And if you are one of the many women who
are planning to vote for Hilary simply because she's a woman, please stop and
think, and think HARD, before you do that. It may very well be high time to put
a woman in the White House - I look forward to that day - but this is not the
right woman. Not for me, anyway.

I do have a candidate in mind, but his people are not bombarding me with requests for endorsement. That just makes me like him more.

To sum up: Hilary - Absolutely not.

Any questions?

Now, Do you have questions? Do you? Because you can read the rest of her stuff at BlogHer, or you can read more of her stuff at Scheiss Weekly. Just as it Says. Maybe someday I'll have the balls or courage or guts to say about 1/3 of the things she says, and maybe I'll even figure out a way to say it as well as she does.

Seriously... That's all that I'm going to say (or let someone else say) for me in the political arena... for now.


Mamacita (Mamacita) said...

Wow, thank you so very much for those kind words! I appreciate that more than you'll ever know.

Thank you. And, thank you some more.

Vanessa said...

Much better. :) I really do hope people are done voting for her just because she is a woman, although a poor excuse for one. My dad thinks it is odd that I am following this election so closely. But even my die-hard republican dad went and caucused for Obama in an effort to fight down the Hilbil. To me, that says a lot. I think the fact that he doesn't like McCain much either helped with that decision. I mean, if you are going to vote for someone who is pretty much a Democrat, it should probably be one who actually represents the Democratic Party, not a republican. :) Well said, or quoted rather.