Thursday, February 28, 2008

Another Wake up Call?

After having a week of Mondays packed into three days, I was hesitant to go to bed last night. After all, If I don't go to sleep, tomorrow can't come, right? The last few mornings I've been awakened by phones ringing (but not yesterday, I cancelled the forward to the house. yeah me!). This morning, however,

Coyotes. Announcing to the world that they killed something and were getting ready to get some tasty meat. I don't know much (read: I know nothing) about the behavior of coyotes, but I now know that they howl for a LONG time when they have a kill. It is likely that the coyote caught one of the bazillions of turkeys that meander around our neighborhood. I just wish that they'd announce their kill a little later in the morning.


Ashlee said...'m feeling really bad for you right now. Mornings are not my favorites either. So when I get woken up too early, I know it's going to be a bad day. Hopefully it won't be for you!

Anonymous said...

We live by a lake and can hear the coyotes. Sometimes it is comforting to hear them because it means life is going on as it should. Other times, it can be scary because they sound so close.