Friday, February 29, 2008

About my Love for Monsters

I have been watching quite a bit of Sesame Street lately. I don't remember Sesame street being so funny as a kid. Bert & Ernie crack me up every day. Bert is such a dweeb. The other day Ernie got him talking to some elephant on a banana. That was funny... Until he told the elephant on the other end of the banana that he was blonde and 6'2." What was that all about? Maybe I misheard him. (Jakers had a show about ghost stories and they were talking about some sort of shiP, I almost Lost it, because I heard something that sounded like bullSHIp over and over again, so I know my ears could have been mistaken.) I love how Ernie is always annoying the heck out of Bert, and tricking him. I love that Bert is a dweeb, who loves argyle socks and pigeons.

Grover is crazy as always, and as a kid he was my favorite, but my tastes have changed as I've grown up. I'm now in love with Cookie Monster. He spends a lot of time with Prairie Dawn. The two are as funny a comedic act as Abbot and Costello. Cookie always wants to eat the Cookies, and Prairie stops just short of torturing the poor monster before she lets him eat some cookies. When there aren't any cookies, the drama.. OOOH, the drama. Every sketch they do cracks me up.

I know, you're asking, Where's Elmo? He's not here. I don't much care for Elmo. He's great, and if we are watching real Sesame Street, then it's fine... But we normally watch "Play with me Sesame" on Sprout, and he doesn't play a big role in that show. Which is fine, because I get tired of the whole Elmo's world, it can be down right annoying...

I feel like I know the characters much better this time around. It's good, because, I have to be careful who my Little Monster gets to know.. through the TV or otherwise, and I feel safe with these goons.

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amanda said...

haha. I swear I thought the same thing when my daughter Allie was watching Sesame Street. I remembered liking them as a kid, but I still got into the episodes as an adult. haha. Bert & Ernie are pretty funny! :)