Wednesday, August 06, 2008

It's no surprise

He's finally getting his day in court. I've written and ranted about the idiot senator in Nebraska who is finally getting fired from his job. Nebraskans voted to limit terms state senators can serve, and I'm one to believe that Ernie Chambers is probably the reason for that. Sure, he's done some good, but he's spent more time wasting the government's money, mocking the constituents he's supposed to represent, and showboating that actual legislating that will do any good. I'm not going to go into that. Today I feel led to talk to you today about the allegations that Ernie Chambers has against God. (The links in this paragraph will give you the history I have of writing about the man.)

Chambers alleges that God has made "terroristic threats." This isn't the first time he's made a mockery of the court system in this country. And a while ago, I wrote this rather angry statement to Mr. Chambers:

I hope you DO get your day in the Douglas County Court Mr. Chambers. I hope God
shows up. But know this: Even if He doesn’t appear before the Douglas County
Court, you will appear before Him at the gates someday. I pray Mr. Chambers that
before that day you will rethink many of the things you have said and done in
your life and for our government. I pray, Mr. Chambers that you will find the
Lord; that you will repent for your sins. Because, Mr. Chambers, in the true
end, He is the only one that can Save you.

I have not changed my position, nor do I regret that statement. I am glad that Mr. Chambers is getting his day in court. I have faith that God will find himself a defense attorney (I will pray that the defense attorney's ears will be open to hearing the calling) and will be able to prove that God does not issue threats. God makes promises. God makes the most sincere promises, and he keeps them. That is not to say that the Lord is promising plague and pestilence, flood and famine on our world. He doesn't need to. The enemy has taken care of that. If you watch what happens when bad things happen, though, most of the time, good comes out of it. That good is God moving.

I have more to say on the matter, but first I need to do some research. It may be a while, or it may be tomorrow. But I will be back with more on this topic.

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