Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lists, but not the To-Do kind.

Since Not the Momma has begun whining about my lack of posting, I should probably do something about that. Normally he whines about how I am on the computer all of the time. Not the Momma is doing dishes now, but soon he'll want to sit and watch some Sci-Fi show about giant snakes or dragons or something, so for now, I'm being sneaky and hiding in the other room with my laptop. I don't have much time, hence my excuses reasoning behind the bulleted list of current events that have kept me from blogging.

  • Little Monster has decided to poop every day at nap time. When he should be sleeping. This leads to yelling "HEY! HEY! MAMA! DAADDDYY!! Which I promptly ignore for about 30 minutes, hoping he'll go to sleep. After about 45 minutes, I go check on him, which usually involves opening the bedroom door, being bombarded with a stench that I'm certain the people in San Fransisco can smell causing them to hide the sourdough starter for fear that their bread will suddenly taste of toddler poos. The lack of nap time makes evenings, well, interesting to say the least. He's moodier than I get when I'm PMSing. It's not fun.
  • Not the Momma has been studying his butt off. He has a professor who is "homework heavy," and that is being kind. He has class from about 10 am to 3pm, but leaves around 7 most mornings and gets home at 5 most evenings so that he can study and get his homework done at school.
  • I have been busy working on stuff for my bible study group, PWOC. That link goes to the site that I set up for them. I'm having issues about whether to re-vitalize the Yahoo group they used to have.
  • We have been spending a lot of time (Not the Momma would say "exhorbent," but I refuse to believe that is a word. I don't care if the press likes to use it to talk about high prices, etc.) outside playing with the neighbors. I think Little Monster has a little crush on one of their daughters. We'll call her Faith. I have enjoyed spending time with Faith's mom, Jo while the kids run around and play together. The sun has also been out for a few hours a day, and we have been soaking it up.
  • Little Monster has learned how to ride his three-wheeler and when he sees it he yells BAI! BAI! (read: BIKE!) every time he sees it. I'm lucky to be able to go to the bathroom most days before he remembers that he has a bike to ride on over to Faith's house to see if she is out so that he can share his goldfish crackers and steal her tricycle and a juice box.
  • I have actually been doing my job as a part of this family. I have been attempting to keep the house up, and do things like laundry, dishes, cooking, etc. You know, all that Mrs. Cleaver stuff. Only I'd bet Mrs. Cleaver's guest room doesn't look like ours. Guests -- you need to tell us about 3 months prior to arrival. That's how long it's going to take me to dig out your bed.

I've had tons of things to blog about, and have wanted to. For Example there was:

  • the conversation Not the Momma and I had about the difference between googol and Google, and how funny it was that I was going to Google googol.
  • the time that Jo drew an entire city with chalk in her driveway, and Faith went to the chalk park to pick chalk flowers for Little Monster
  • and the time she picked actual real flowers to give to Little Monster.
  • the hula-hoop contest in Jo's driveway where I actually managed to hula-hoop for quite some time before it fell to the ground.
  • the Saturday where Not the Momma and I spent $100 to see a movie. The movie was awesome. It was a great movie. Heck, they could have made that movie into two movies that I'd have gone to see, but $100 was a little much.
  • the anxiety I felt during the aforementioned movie, because it was just so packed full of action.
  • the fact that I believe it may be possible to call an end to Caddyshack 2008, because the gophers, may have gone away. I blame it on the time I tried to kill one with a shovel, but he got away just in time. I think he was embarrassed for me because I was wielding that shovel above my head like a crazed lunatic running around my yard while Jo and Noel took all of the neighborhood children away so they wouldn't see me go all Freddy Kruger on a gopher.
  • the time when we went to Best Buy to purchase a Blu-Ray player, and walked out with a cheaper Blu-Ray player... and a much larger flat screen TV than the one we already had. And now, the big flat screen that was in our living room is now in our bedroom, so that I can, in fact, have my favorite newscaster in bed with me every night.
  • Little Monster's new infatuation with the movie "Cars," and how big he's getting. The child has become even more of a little person these days. He speaks and expects us to listen, he understands and follows most of our directions -- when he wants to.

I guess there's no excuse for not blogging more. I'm sorry. You all still love me, right? Absence makes the heart grow fonder? Hopefully it works the same way for your reader!

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Elisabeth said...

I still love you, even though I miss you lots! I need to be better about my blog, too!

What bible study are you doing? I need a new one!