Monday, August 18, 2008


Dear Little Monster,

When I was sixteen, the word "Cars" mean freedom. I was sixteen and going to be able to drive on my own -- anywhere I wanted to go. Gas was cheap and the thought of being able to drive myself to get food that wasn't prepared in a school cafeteria was what life was all about. I loved driving. I loved driving so much that I was afraid people could see it in the way I handled the steering wheel, how I lovingly caressed it as I hand-over-hand made left turns. Every time I got into the car, I was practically making love to the vehicle as we drove. Eventually the burning passion fizzled into an amorous relationship. But even now, I love driving cars. But the word "Cars" does something much different to me than it did over a decade ago.

Now, the word "cars" strikes fear into my heart. Because usually, I hear it from you. It usually sounds something like "taahh AAAHS?" If, which I respond to with a "no", I am almost guaranteed that you'll throw a fit. If I answer yes, you're gone. Running, no sprinting to the living room, climbing onto the middle of the couch. You're ready. "MOOO-OOOOOM!! MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM!MOM! TAAA-AAAHS! TAA-AAHS?! YES?! TAA-AAHS?!" resounds throughout the house from the couch as you announce to the world that we are about to watch your most. favorite. movie. EVER. As far as you're concerned, it's the only thing worth watching.

It's a cute movie. And after watching it, Oooh 39,308 times, I'm pretty sure I can tell you every word that's said in the movie. I can tell you all of the little quirky things that you might not notice unless you'd actually seen the movie 39,308 times. Like the fact that Lightning McQueen has tread on his tires... but racing tires don't have tread. And that the 'jet streams' in the air are in the shapes of tire treads. And Mater. Mater's cute, especially because he's a 'precision instrument of speed and aromatics.' I can tell you which character is making which face at what time. I have learned to appreciate all of the little things that the animators included, and all of the thought that went into the show.... But Please, for the LOVE of ALL THAT IS GOOD, Can we please watch something else today?




Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

I've been through this with Mary Poppins (Kristen), The Parent Trap (Courtney) and now? Argh. Return to Gilligan's Island (Laura). *sigh*

Alison said...

Good thing I haven't shown this movie to Jake yet or it would probably be me writing that letter. :).

Lisa said...

We went through a phase with Flushed Away. It lasted for months. Even now if I just mention it he sits in his chair and gets ready to watch. Now he seems to LOVE Thomas the Tank Engine. I must admit. I would much rather watch Flushed Away again.

Good luck!

Samantha said...

Gotta love how kids love repetition. And parents do not. When Bailey was little, he loved Toy Story. And Toy Story 2. So there was a little variety. And he did go through a Lion King streak.

Now at 7, he likes to watch insipid shows like Zack and Cody. Gag me. It makes me miss the Toy Story days!

Ashlee said...

That is so funny! My son was obsessed with Toy Story. Some of his first words were from that movie. Sigh. I think he watched it at least twice EVERY day. Thankfully my daughter hasn't selected just one movie that she is obsessed with. Only because there are oodles of Dora episodes on DVD. So "fun" for me. :0)

Elisabeth said...

Oy...I feel your pain. We are on a Lion King obsession right now. Literally - before his eyes open he says "Lion King. Otay."

Vanessa said...

Luckily, Litttle Man is not much into movies. Or TV in general. He does like Deal or No Deal. I think its all the boobs. He's obsessed. And he claps with the ladies.