Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ticket Transfers and Remorse.

So, we're still in Virginia. We made a decision. I was going home. I changed my tickets, rearranged my schedule, got a rental car, and got everything arranged. Life should be good, right? We're going to go back to Nebraska and just be happy with our decision. I get a "vacation" (and a great haircut.. Thanks Monique!!), and a chance to visit my most recent home.

I should have been relieved. Only I wasn't. I had something similar to buyers remorse. Starting with the minute that we should have been landing and running into my husband's arms, my life became torture. Moments began being filled with thoughts of:"We should be eating dinner with Daddy right now. We should be going here or doing this with Daddy." Even Daddy was doing it. Daddy said he laid down on the couch and took a nap. His thought went along the lines of "I shouldn't be able to do this.. There should be someone going "bap bap bap" with his little hand on my head making this impossible." We continued to weigh possibilities.. Maybe he could fly home for the week he had planned to take off from work. Too expensive. But 8 more weeks apart might just break the Mommy in this family... so, this morning after getting no answer on the telephone, I drove to the base and found out about the flight status. Were there seats at all for this week? Is it even worth considering? They have plenty of seats (unless you are a category higher than me and want to go anywhere that is on the way. Then go next week. Because there are no seats for you. Please don't come to the airport and get on ahead of me, and boot me from this plane. If that happens, I'm really going to lose it!). So, tomorrow I'm spending my day doing laundry, packing stuff up.. yet again.. So that we can endure the 24 hour trip overseas. I already spent today re-changing our flight information. Now I just hope we can get on the plane home when it comes time to leave.

Perhaps it is a huge bout of PMS, perhaps it is just the fact that my husband has been living separate from us for nearly 18 months. I need to see him. To spend time with him. To be with him. Even if it means enduring another two days of traveling hell, I'm bound and determined to get to spend some time with him. We're coming baby!!

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Vanessa said...

Aww... it's Tuesday now, and hopefully you are on your way. Or close to it. :) I'll miss you while I'm in Lincoln... but we can get together, umm, another time before you move... maybe. :( And when is that again?