Tuesday, October 09, 2007

From Baby to Boy...

It's amazing how fast that happens. Over the weekend we had an early celebration of his first birthday. It was as if the child actually turned one overnight that night. He amazes me every day. These past few days he has decided to prove to me what a big boy he is. First, when he ate cake, and thought it would be fun to demand a kiss:

Saturday he proved it by playing firefigher. We didn't want him playing with the regulator, so he wasn't happy about having his creative energy stifled here. Babies don't aspire to being firefighters and aren't interested in the big red trucks with fun sirens. Little boys are, though.

Little boys really like Halloween. They love spending time at the pumpkin patch teasing the Billy Goats at the petting zoo, getting muddy in the puddles, picking up rocks and inspecting pumpkins. That is what my baby little boy did today.

No one told me how hard it would be to watch my baby:

become this:

A little boy. (A boy who tried to kiss the girl behind him in this photo, no-less. This was his "victory walk." He followed it up with a hug to my legs, resting his head in my lap to show his sensitive side.) A little, flirty, curious, sometimes naughty, little boy. I know it's been less than a year, but it seems like days. So, please, can we slow down time, just a bit? I don't want to wake up tomorrow and realize that I am sending this little boy off to college just yet.


Anonymous said...

Aww Mary - that made me tear up! :)


Vanessa said...

Amen sister. I am right behind you. Seven months old, I can't believe it! Okay I'll stop now before I cry about it! :) Out little men are growing up!