Friday, October 05, 2007

Projectile V.... Well, maybe you should read the disclaimer

**Disclaimer** this post contains graphic descriptions of vomit. If you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should pass up this post.

I guess making it to 11 months, five days fourteen hours thirty-one minutes before having a real, honest-to-goodness projectile vomit is pretty amazing. I don't know what caused it, but this evening directly after dinner the baby chucked more white chunky sticky fluid than I have ever seen in my entire life. All over me. All over the couch. All over him. All over the dog. All over the living room floor. All. Over. Everywhere. Then, trying to transfer said baby into the bathtub (luckily I had already started his evening bath) left a nice trail of chunky spew. The dog (Kleenex) also left a nice chunk trail all the way out the door into the backyard. Which meant that the mess was also transferred to the dining room and the hallway leading to the bathroom.

We had just finished dinner (we ate in the Living Room for the first time in months.. of course!). I pulled him out of the high chair, and was letting him rest on my shoulder. He sat up and then it came. and came. and came. and came. and dripped. and came. Surprisingly, I didn't join in on all of the fun. I just sat there in shock. When the fountain finally ceased spouting, I dashed into the bathroom. Mom got the lucky job of cleaning up the living room while I stripped my clothes off. Dad watched the baby in the tub while I got myself clean enough to actually clean the baby without following his example. I finally got the baby cleaned, then I had to wash the dog. Oh the mess. He's in bed now. I suppose I'll be up all night waiting for him to turn into a human fountain again, listening for the sounds of him choking. Great. Another sleepless night. What a wonderful thing being a mother is. I'm sure he's fine and somehow he overate, or something just didn't go right. Who knows. That's the mystery. He has no fever, no symptoms of anything else whatsoever. So, I'll watch him and hope that we don't need to cancel his birthday party this weekend. That would NOT be cool. I'd really just postpone until November, but it still wouldn't be fun. I ordered a cake and a balloon bouquet to attach to his high chair and everything.

The good news in all of this? I got two, count them TWO showers in one day!! Normally I'm lucky to get one shower.. and today.. I got TWO...

*Oh, and no matter WHAT my husband says.. The few teeny tiny spit up incidents we had (three total I believe) when he was home were no where near the caliber of this vomit explosion. I am eternally grateful that he wasn't here to witness, and that my mother was around because 1) If Dad had been here, I would have had two messes to clean up. Dad would have had to run outside or for another bathroom to contain his manly spew. 2) My mother helped clean up cleaned up the mess that wasn't attached to the dog, the baby or myself. She spent her evening scrubbing carpet and couch and dining room floor. Thanks Mom!

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