Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scariest Halloween EVER... almost

I was sitting here, mindlessly surfing the web while the baby takes his nap. Mostly, I'm avoiding cleaning up the mess we've made in the past few days. when. my. computer. shut. off. All by itself. No Warning. Just. *bleep*

Yeah, off. Panic struck my heart. my beloved computer. it's dead. my laptop. my friend. Let the mourning begin. Turns out, once I'd calmed myself down, that perhaps it wasn't my computer that was dead. I removed the battery, reinserted it. Unplugged the power cord, replugged it back in. Then, a choir of thousands of angels began to sing as the fan began to hum, and the word "DELL" in big beautiful blue letters appeared on what had previously been the lifeless monitor. It turns out that my POWER cable is well, a bit on the used side. Right now I have half my battery life. My only hope is that Dell can ship me a power cord. suuper fast. Like tomorrow. Or I'll die. No seriously, I might actually curl up into a ball and die from lack of technology. Because 1:40 is NOT long enough to sustain me for the next week.

I have found the secret access code to my husband's computer. All is not lost. But, it could make for a terrible week. This computer is slow, and the waiting makes my brain hurt. But the power cord to my computer, which I thought was okay so long as I didn't. touch. the. cord. It really quit working. Just in time for NaBloPoMo... starting tomorrow. yah. good times. good times.

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