Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's on the WAY, I SWEAR!

I recently had this conversation with my husband, via email.

From Husband to Me:
Subject: we are so going to this!!!

From Me to Husband:
Subject: RE: we are so going to this!!!
And when, my dear, will we be in Toronto Canada?????

From Husband to Me:
Subject: RE: we are so going to this!!!
In December when we drive through!

Apparently, we are going to take our truck WITH A FIFTH WHEEL to Toronot Canada. On our way to Monterey CA. Nice. Just in case you haven't figured this out... We currently live near Omaha Nebraska (Look in the middle of the US). This is most definitely totally completely and 100% ON THE WAY to California. Yeah. Sure. It's only out of the way by, OH A THOUSAND MILES. ONE. WAY.

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I've always known my husband had a crazy sense of humor, but I think he's totally lost it if he thinks that driving around though NEW ENGLAND AND CANADA IN DECEMBER IN YARDS AND YARDS AND YARDS OF SNOW with a fifth wheel is fun.

He's totally lost it. Ladies and Gentleman... That is what being away from your wife for 18 months can do. You completely lose all sense and reason. But then, who didn't know that already?


Anonymous said...

SWEET! we can take I80 97% of the way.

Splendid Photography said...

You've been Tagged! Tell us all 8 things we don't know about you. Then tag 8 others!

Sorry if you have already been tagged

Momma Mary said...

Splendid Photgraphy. I AM going to find a way to get you back for tagging me!! It was fun, though.

McKenzie said...

When will you be in Toronto? It's only about an hour drive from where we live to Toronto!