Thursday, April 30, 2009

Prom Night Tragedy...

No one wagered a guess at what the worst thing to happen to girl on Prom night could be. But as a mother and a person who has seen a few horror flicks, the answers never end -- and they are terrible. People with chainsaws and ski masks are on the list as well as a few very real, very scary, and very illegal things.

Our local news has been talking a lot about Prom and promoting this story as some sort of tragedy that can ruin the night for any girl. I think the only reason why they've stopped talking about it too much is because the Swine Flu has given them another fear to incite into the public. At least the swine flu is somewhat dangerous. I think it is truly disgusting that in an expose' of what can happen on Prom night, none of the real dangers were mentioned. There was no discussion of drunk driving, date rape, peer pressure, or any other real dangers to kids. Nope. Instead we talked about how horrible it would be to show up to prom only to find out that someone else was wearing the same dress as you were.

Pardon me as I go vomit. This is not a tragedy. It's life. You don't see the hype they gave this story for the weeks and weeks before they finally aired it (for about three or four days straight). I wish my biggest problem now -- or even in high school had been showing up to an event to find out someone else was wearing the same dress as I was. Of course, I didn't care about it too much. I spent less than $100 total on getting ready for my junior AND senior prom. And I was still the only one wearing the dresses I picked out.

Warning the link below might make you sick. It's a bit graphic, what with the spoiled teenage girls and their shallow lives.

Prom Night Tragedy video.


Kristi said...

Wow, Prom night tradedy really had me thinking of all the things you suggested, how irreverently they dodge an opportunity to open some eyes. I hope when my kids are teens I remember that prom season is the season to talk to them about drinking and driving and sex.

Ashlee said...

Nice little plug in there for the iPhone too huh? Seriously, that was pretty sad. I and time stamping to prove who bought the dress first? I was thinking along the same lines as you were with the whole prom thing...obviously we don't know what is really important. :0)