Monday, April 13, 2009


It's amazing how when you sit down to check on your budget, you realize how fast time goes. I don't have much more time before the baby comes, although each day seems to get longer and each night lasts about 30 hours with the constant waking to use the bathroom and the annoying need to turn over without the ability to do so easily. Oh well.

Here is a recent photograph:

I feel bad for the people at Church this weekend. They were all asking when I was due, and when I told them June 10th, most of them ran away as if to say "Holy Lord, this woman is huge and she is not even close yet. I've made a huge mistake opening that can of worms." I don't judge them. I am huge.

We had a good, but uneventful weekend. Little Monster got an Easter basket full of candy. He's still sneaking bits and pieces when I turn my back. We visited the beach, went shopping, and spent time together as a family. I didn't make a big Easter Dinner, in fact, we ate candy and Macaroni and Cheese. But don't tell anyone. Because they might judge me.

I'm assuming that things are only going to get busier around here and that the blog is going to be even more neglected soon. Doctor appointments are every two weeks for now, but soon will be every week. We still have yet to clean out the nursery/guest room or get much done around the house in preparation, and knowing how fast time is going, it may not get done before the baby arrives.

I pray everyone had a wonderful Easter.

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Ashlee said...

You look so pretty! And happy. :0) I'm so glad things are going along so well for you. June is not that far away!