Sunday, May 03, 2009

Things I'll miss about Little Monster when he's big...

    • Blur comes on the radio and my Little Monster starts singing "whoo hoo!" in the backseat. Totally at the wrong time.
    • Little Monster tells me that 'grama and grampa come in little bit."
    • I have to remind LM that the baby has to come before we have visitors.
    • LM decides that he is a "big kid" (not a baby, and not a big boy) and is ready to go to school.
    • I have to remind LM that he has to be a big boy and use the toilet before
      he's ready to go to school and ride the school bus.
    • The little walk he does when he's excited that includes marching his legs and swinging his arms at chest level, parallel to the ground.
    • The weird pinched face he makes when he's in trouble.
    • All of the stories he makes up about riding motorcycles, "boo-bots" and his stuffed doggies.
    • The way he calls Eve from Wall-E, "mommy boo-bot"
    • When I tell him he can't have cookies, he says. "Otay. I do Twis (chris) house, eat tookies!" so defiantly.
    • The way he gets excited so easily and his little requests turn into frantic squeals of toddler words that are unintelligible and sometimes only detectable by dogs.
    • The excitement that ensues on mornings when we make "ninn-ninn woes" (cinnamon rolls) for breakfast.

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tami said...

You're a great Mom, it's no wonder he's already a good person!