Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Randomness...

My brain is empty, but it is so full at the same time, so I'm doing one of those dreaded bullet posts:

  • Little Monster has woken up with crazy dreams two days this week. The first time he was sad because he apparently had been dreaming about his friends playing in his room. He was whining and asking "where did friends go? Friends playing in room." I told him it was a dream, and he got melancholy. He was especially down when Daddy asked him about it later. This morning he woke up screaming about eating cows. I'm not sure who was eating what, but either cows were eating or being eaten.
  • The "boo-bots" have returned. I have been informed by Little Monster though, that they are nice robots. Today they have taken his waffle, to return it later, helped him put puzzles together and will be coming back later today. The nice "boo-bots" though, are also responsible for anything that may possibly get Little Monster into trouble. They do it all.
  • I'm pretty miserable, but that goes without saying, I think. It doesn't help that for the past two mornings I've been up at 5:30 and unable to get back to sleep. Yesterday it wasn't anyone else's fault, but today I'm blaming some cows and a 2 year old's nightmare. And maybe a little bit of a husband who decided to leave early making the bedroom too cold to sleep. (And I blame him for the kid getting up early too, even though it wasn't his fault. LM ONLY gets up crazy early like that when it's inconvenient.)
  • I'm working on another post about the most tragic thing that could ever happen to a girl on PROM night. The news has done a couple of stories about it, and I find it a bit disgusting. Can you guess what they are talking about? Seriously, put a guess out there in the comments. You'll be disgusted too. Hopefully I'll have that post up at the end of this week.

There. How was that for a bullet post? I know I'm missing about three bullets. Most of them have to do with Little Monster and his total cute-ness or WECON and her kickboxing routine.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. (cue static)

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