Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why Won't You SLEEP?

Dear Little Monster:

I appreciate the fact that you have suddenly decided to need me to help you fall asleep? I really truly did miss the fact that I used to have you all to myself for 10 minutes every night. I missed that you NEEDED me to rock you to sleep every night. I missed it. For about a week. And then there are those fleeting moments when I want to rock you again. Those moments when you are still and your smile lights up on your face. Those moments when I am kissing your cheeks and my lips sink softly into your pillowy gushy fat baby 'nursing muscles.' That's when I think I could hold you and rock you forever.

Then reality slaps me. In the form of an arm that has fallen asleep. And your sweat. dripping down my arm. There's also the whole issue of your daddy being outside, watching a fire burn by himself. I can't hold you all night. It just isn't realisitic, baby. You really should be going to sleep before 10pm. And you really should be sleeping in your bed, not in my arms. Because, someday, you're going to be older, and your girlfriends are going to think it's a bit creepy that you need to crawl into Momma's lap in the rocker before you can fall asleep, or that if Mommy isn't around that they need to drive you around the block 4,139 times then carry you into your bed.

Please. Little Monster? Can you hear me? 10PM is NOT the time that little boys should go to bed. We can't go on a 30 mile car ride every night after an hour and a half of rocking and loving, then sleeping, and drowsing, followed by screaming when your little head touches the crib. We can't do that every night.

So, tomorrow. I'm going to put you to bed earlier. And you're going to sleep. And I will love you. Tonight, tomorrow and forever.

Your Mommy


Ashlee said...

Oh...I remember. And I'm glad I'm not there. So frustrating. have you tried turning on your vacuum? It worked for both of my kids. Put them right to sleep. :0)

Sara said...

Oh no...sounds like you are about to embark on the CIO or Crying it out method. I do not feel for you. But remember, this too shall pass. And 10pm - wow. Mady would never last that long. She is in bed by 7pm. Good luck..hugs :)

Kimi said...

I wonder if it is an 18 month phase or something. Cayla, who usually sleeps great, has decided that she needs to wake up several times during the night and cry until DH or I go in and get her out of her crib. She wants us to hold her and love on her until a time that she thinks is appropriate (sometimes just a minute, 5 minutes, or 20 minutes) has passed and then she is fine to be put back in her crib (awake) and then she goes back to sleep. It is so frustrating! I feel your pain. :)

Lisa said...

LOL! I feel your pain. I remember those days. Just hang in there...this too shall pass. Then you will be where I am, wishing for just 10 minutes of sweet, quiet, calm lap time. :P

I used a fan for both of my kids. The noise was just enough that it helped them to go to sleep. My little guys fan just recently broke and we haven't bought a new one and he is doing great.

Hope he is sleeping better for you now.

Not the Momma said...

it might be from not the momma playing with the kid for an hour before bed