Monday, April 28, 2008

No Time to Blog...

Well, that's a lie. Partially. I've been busy with work, and spending time with Not the Momma. We've been busy..

Playing Tennis, Golf, and Bowling. All in the confines of the play room.

Yes. We got a Wii. And it is Dangerous! I'm waiting for the day we have to explain at the ER that NO my husband is NOT beating me, the Wii remote is embedded in my head, because we were in the middle of a particularly rousing game of tennis.

Hopefully this whole video game will not be sitting around collecting dust. It is something fun for the two of us to do after Little Monster goes to bed, that almost requires active conversation.

We'll see. But it is fun.


Vanessa said...

Ooooo. I want a Wii. I was thinking we might use some tax money for one. After putting some money in a CD, and college savings plan, and redoing the floors of course. (Man, I make it sound like we are getting a ton of money) I wish.

But anyway, I want to get a Wii, and Wii fitness. Then I might get some exercise while video gaming. Uh huh.

And when you said you'd been bowling in the living room, I actually pictured the little kid bowling set (stuffed animal pins and whatnot). I want to get little man one of those.

Ashlee said...

I love our Wii. It is fabulous fun, and great exercise. After I've done the boxing, my arms ACHE. :0) So glad you are having fun with yours!

Samantha said...

I love the Wii too. We don't play it too often though.

If you ever get another game, Mario Vs Sonic at the Olympics is really fun, and makes your arms sore too!

I also want WiiFit, but don't know if I would use it enough to spend $90