Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So. Totally. Addicting.

In all the paranoia about the whole NAU, or at least the thought that there is a "big business" thing going on that has no congressional or voter oversight at all, I have been a bit, well, worried. My hands were shaking just thinking of the things that are going on that no one is talking about, and what the world is coming to...

And that brings me to an escape. I prayed and asked for help, gave the Lord my troubles. I feel better, and I'm pretty sure, it's because he sent me here:


Because the Lord knows me. And He knows that sometimes I need a mindless escape so that I can put things back into perspective. This is perfect. I love racing against myself. A. Lot. I found how people are cheating and getting 211 wpm (copy and paste, the jerks!), but doesn't matter. I hit 123 wpm.

So, think of that link as last week's edition of Friday Fun. I know, I forgot about it. That's okay though.

I'm still a bit worried, but for now, I'm typeracing away (while praying)... and calming myself down.

I'm still serious about what all of this means. Not the Momma and I discussed it a bit -- and he recalled a TV show that we started watching... Jericho... Now the conspiracy theorist in me wants to know the REAL reason that show was cancelled -- was it because it was a little 'too close to home?' And I'm not talking about the whole 9/11 plot, bombs, whatever. I'm talking about the whole Jennings and Rall thing... MMM HMMM.. That's what I thought...

Oh, and If I suddenly stop posting now, it's because they've found me and have killed me for exposing their secret plan. Ha ha. I'm kidding. Sortof. I think.

Back to http://play.typeracer.com/ *Wayne's world segue starts NOW! doodalee doo doodalee doo*


Ashlee said...

I'm not nearly as fast as you. Only 91 words per minute. But still...not too shabby!
Hope you are having a better day! :0)

Vanessa said...

I'm so slow! I topped out at 47wpm. But I don't type, I mouse. :)