Friday, April 18, 2008


I know, it's totally lame. But he is the king of code -- and I'm the code geek in the family! You see, he's been helping me with setting up my borders. You may think it's boring and mundane but borders have been the bane of my existence for a few hours now.

Thanks you sweetie!!

P.S. -- This post fulfills my obligations in the thanking department and does not imply consent to any under the cover 'snuggle' time. I'b sthiiiiiick, remember? :) I will however give you a rain check.

P.P.S. And by 'you' I mean Not the Momma. It does not apply to anyone who is reading this blog who is NOT Not the Momma.


Ashlee said...

So, glad you got it all taken care of. I love your disclaimers at the end....:0)

Not the Momma said...

thats right all hail not the momma ha ha ha

Sara said...

Your site always looks good.