Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to WORK!

I'm pretty satisfied with the 3 column look, and have that mostly fixed. If you subscribe in a reader, seriously (I know there are about 5 of you), you should check it out. Mostly because I made a custom graphic for the top that shows April showers blending into May flowers (pictures I took myself), and all that fun stuff. So, pardon my dust... because it might get tacky up in here! ha ha! I'm having fun playing with Photoshop this week! There will be more to come, later!


Ashlee said...

Kudos! I would have never paid enough attention to the top picture. Glad you pointed it out. Pretty pictures and I love how they "merge". :0)

Not the Momma said...

thats right the blog looks great with not the mommas help